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YABLOKO's activist with a President-puppet detained in the Red Square

Press Release
July 26, 2010

Today on July 26, a one-person picketing under the slogan Medvedev, do not be a FSB puppet! was conducted at the Red Square. YABLOKOs Artur Grokhovsky was holding a placard picturing the KGB men - Felix Dzerzhinsky, Lavrenty Beria and Vladimir Putin and a photograph of President Dmitry Medvedev tied to their fingers.


YABLOKO called the President not to sign the law broadening of the proxies of secret services. The police detained the activist who was picketing at the Red Square, broke the placard picturing the KGB men and their puppet President Medvedev. Also, allegedly a FSB (Federal Security Service) officer tried to wipe out all the records from the journalists cameras and recorders and also tried to break a camera.

Today we have one more opportunity to break the adoption of the draft law on broadening of proxies of FSB. We are calling the President not to become a puppet in the hands of secret services and not to sign this law, said YABLOKOs leader Sergei Mitrokhin.

Grokhovsky managed to display the placard at the Red Square about ten minutes. First the policemen who approached Grokhovsky agreed that one-person picketing is not prohibited by law and do not require getting any prior permits or notifications. However, somewhat later the policemen and OMON officers (the riot police) took the activist to the local police station by force. Now Grokhovsky is in the local police station. Officers from the Federal Security Service interrogated him and showed much interest in his family and home. Grokhovsky assesses this as demonstration of force and psychological pressure. He is going to appeal against such actions to the Public Prosecutor.

Also an unidentified robust young man came up to the journalists during picketing. Without giving his name and credentials he snatched a recorder out of the hands of the Ekho Moskvi Radio correspondent and wiped out the recording. He also tried to break a video camera of YABLOKOs Press Secretary Igor Yakovlyev. The police did not interfere into his actions. Failing to break the camera the young man followed Yakovlyev and did not let to video record the developments. When Yakovlev tried to draw the journalists attention to this, the young man came closely and whispered in that he would not advise to do so.

YABLOKO has been holding public campaign against adoption of amendments to the FSB law. YABLOKOs activists conducted actions and picketing by the State Duma (the lower chamber of the Russian parliament) when the draft law was examined by the State Duma in three readings, and the Federation Council (the upper chamber of the parliament), they also collected signatures and held meetings with the Muscovites.

A flash-game "Medvedev, do not be a puppet!" has been just launched at YABLOKOs web-site. When pointing with a cursor at the hands and heads of the KGB men, they will start pulling at the strings attached to Dmitry Medvedev making him dance under their tunes. Thus, YABLOKO would like to demonstrate to the President what his destiny can be, if he yields to the secret services and signs the law.


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Press Release
July 26, 2010