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One-person picketing against broadening of the competence of secret services conducted by the Federation Council

Press Release
July 19, 2010

One-person picketing against broadening of the competence of secret services was conducted by the Federation Council (the upper chamber of the Russian parliament) as the latter had to examine the draft law today on July 19. Artur Grokhovsky, Advisor to YABLOKOs Chairman, was holding a huge placard (1.5 x 1 meters) picturing Felix Dzerzhinsky, the head of the KGB, Lavrenty Beria, Stalins closest accomplice standing behind mass-scale reprisals and Vladimir Putin with an inscription The KGB men are for it!.

This time, unlike in the previous one-person picketing by the State Duma (the lower chamber of the parliament) when YABLOKOs activists were arrested despite the fact that on-person picketing do not require any notifications or permits from the authorities, the police and the officers of security service by the Federation Council behaved correctly. Two policemen met Grokhovsky half-way from the metro station to the Federation Council building and accompanied Grokhovsky to the place of picketing.

YABLOKO conducted several actions in front of the State Duma building when the draft was examined in the three readings required to pas the draft to the upper chamber. Then YABLOKOs activists were taken to the police station and have been facing charges of violation of the administrative law.

Also YABLOKO has been conducting collection of signatures against broadening of proxies of the Federal Security Service. Already over 2,600 people signed the petition by now.

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Press Release
July 19, 2010