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YABLOKOs activists convicted for a one-person picket against the new law on secret services

Press Release
July 15, 2010

Deputy Chairman of the Moscow branch of YABLOKO Galina Mikhalyova and young YABLOKOs activist Igor Savyolov were found guilty of committing a misdemeanor and fined 500 rubles each. The cases of the other two activists - Maxim Kruglov and Arthur Grokhovsky - were postponed until July 23 as the policemen were late for the trial.

The decision states violation of Article 20.2 of the Code of Administrative Offences (Violation of the set order in organsing or conducting a gathering, rally, demonstration, march or picketing).

YABLOKOs activist had to stand before court for holding a one-person picket by the State Duma on June 11 - when the draft law for broadening of the proxies of the secret service (FSB) was examined by the Duma in the first reading. Galina Mikhalyova stood by the walls of the State Duma with a placard while of other party activists waiting for their turn at a distance.

The police detained all the activists of YABLOKO despite the fact that a one-person picketing was conducted only by Galina Mikhalyova.

"The example of this particular case demonstrates that our courts are biased and not impartial. The courts decision was not guided by fraudulent administrative violation cases provided by police rather than by Russian laws," Mikhalyova said.

"The judge was not objective, she did not pay attention to our comments and repeatedly waved our questions, as well as refused to watch the video attached to Mikhalyovas case. The decisions made today on the Savyolov and the Mikhalyova case have nothing to do with law and justice "- Arthur Grokhovsky, Advisor to YABLOKOs Chairman, said. The party will appeal against the decision.

Also the cases of young YABLOKOs activists who chained themselves with handcuffs to the State Duma fence when the FSB draft law was examined in the second reading are in the same court. The police drew up reports stating algid violation of Article 19.3 ("Resistance to the lawful demands of police officers"), so the punishment may be tougher up to 15 days of an administrative arrest.

The hearings on the case of Arthur Grokhovsky will take place on July 21. The cases of Kirill Gotcharov, the leader of the Youth YABLOKO and activists Vladislav Pankov and Igor Savyolov are sent back for revision to the police department due to violations of the law in drafting the protocol.

The YABLOKO party will continue its public campaign against broadening of the proxies of the FSB.


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