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Young YABLOKO activists are facing 15 days of arrest

Press Release
July 9, 2010

The detained activists of the Youth YABLOKO and Artur Grokhovsky, Advisor to Sergei Mitrokhin, are facing 15 days of arrest in accordance with Article 19.3 of the Administrative Violation Code УNon-obeying to the lawful police orderФ.

Protocols on administrative violations by the activists were made in the Tverkoye police station, Moscow. УI access this as an act of moral pressure,Ф Artur Grokhovsky said over the phone.

YABLOKOТs leader Sergei Mitrokhin told that this constituted an attempt of intimidation of the activists as they had dared to oppose Vladimir PutinТs initiative.Ф

UPD: The activists were released. The trial is scheduled on July 14.

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Press Release
July 9, 2010