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Sergei Mitrokhin: President crossed out the course towards modernisation

Press Release
July 15, 2010

УThe PresidentТs statement crosses out the course towards modernisation he has proclaimed. Amendments proposed to the law on the Federal Security Service demonstrate that instead of building a modern state in Russia the President has been restoring the most archaic institutions of the totalitarian past,Ф YABLOKOТs leader said.

According to Mitrokhin no one but corrupted bureaucracy which is afraid of the people and tries to maintain at any price its power and riches accumulated with the help of this power needs these amendments.

Today President of Russia Dmitry Medvedev said at a joint press-conference with German Chancellor Angela Merkel that the draft law Уhas been developed on his orderФ. However, the draft law was submitted to the parliament by Chair of the Government Vladimir Putin.

YABLOKO is going to continue its public campaign against broadening of the proxies of the Federal Security Service, including collection of signatures at the web-site.

Tomorrow the State Duma will consider the draft law in the final third reading.


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Press Release
July 15, 2010