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An action against broadening of proxies of secret services took part by St.Petersburg Federal Security Service building

Press Release
July 22, 2010

An unsanctioned action against broadening of proxies of secret services was held by Youth YABLOKO activists in St.Petsersburg. The action was held in front of the Big House (the Federal Security Service building in St.Petersburg, Liteyniy 4).

Two young activists were dressed as prisoners with inscriptions A Victim of the Regime on their clothes. Three other activists acting as KGB men shot the victims with red paint by the entrance to the FSB building.

We have shown the pinnacle of this amendment to the FSB law when ordinary people will become potential prisoners as it was in 1937 [under Stalin], Alexander Gudimov, leader of St.Petersburg Youth YABLOKO said. Then [in 1937] they had special proxies, however, they used these against people and not against criminals, he added.

The action ended by distribution of leaflets, the activists also glued the leaflets on the FSB door.

Now the successors of the KGB men can issue a warning to any of us, if they dont like our behaviour or position, runs YABLOKOs leaflet. Adoption of this law means restoration Stalins traditions and the authorities attack against human rights and liberties, which have been already reduced almost to zero in modern Russia.

No one was arrested during the action.

The draft law adopted by the State Duma and the Federation Council (the two chambers of the Russian parliament) sets a complex of preventive measures which should be taken by FSB in interaction to terrorists and extremists. In the absence of grounds to bring criminal charges against a person, FSB obtains a right to issue and official warning on inadmissibility of the actions giving rise to the reasons and creating conditions for making crimes. From now on the head of the FSB or his deputy within ten days after receiving information on the corresponding actions by a person adopts, in accordance with the conclusions made after checking on these data, a decision on issuing an official warning which should be handed (or forwarded) to a person within at least five days from adoption of such decision. The warning may be appealed in court. Simultaneously a norm on administrative liability for non-obeying to the lawful order or demand by a FSB officer is added to the Administrative Offences Code.

At present these amendments are waiting for Presidents signature only to become a law.


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Press Release
July 22, 2010