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The policeman who had to deal with alleged disobeying by YABLOKOs activist has given his evidence to court

Press Release
July 22, 2010

A Moscow court of the first instance continues hearings on Artur Grokhovskys case. Grokhovsky is accused of disobeying a lawful demand of the police during the action against broadening of secret services proxies held by the State Duma on July 9. A policeman who detained disobeying Grokhovsky has given his evidence in court today.

On July 9 before the third reading of the draft law on broadening of the proxies of the secret services in the State Duma Artur Grokhovsky stood by the State Duma with a placard and four young YABLOKOs activists in several meters from Grokhovsky enchained themselves with handcuffs to the fence of the building.

Video made by YABLOKOs press service and incorporated as evidence clearly demonstrates that the policemen refused to give their names or explain the reason of the their actions which they must do in accordance with the law.

Grokhovsky told to the court that he had disobeyed the demands of unknown people who applied physical force to him without any explanations. However, policeman Zhyuravlyov told that he had given his name to Grokhovsky and explained his actions.

Due to discrepancies in the evidence given by the policeman and the video the judge took a decision to summon another policeman participating in the detention to the next hearings.

The hearings will take place on July 23.


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Press Release
July 22, 2010