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Police begins persecutions against the defenders of the Khimki Forest

Press Release
July 30, 2010

The police has begun persecution of the activists from the "In defense of the Khimki Forest" movement and Euvgenia Chirikova, the movement’s leader. According to the defenders of the forest, yesterday they found out that they were under surveillance, police officers came to their homes without informing their relatives of the purpose of the visit. Also the activists did not get any official notifications from the police.

"Yesterday, shortly after we came out of the court of the Khimki town, we found our that we were under surveillance. It a stout man in a white suit. However, we managed to escape him: luckily we quickly got into a taxi and headed to Moscow", Yaroslav Nikitenko, Aid of Euvgenia Chirikova said.

On the same evening three activists of the movement In defense of the Khimki Forest" were detained. Today, when Chirikiva got home from her visit to the Public Chamber, she was told that police had come for her. Policemen also visited Nikitenko’s home and to two other ecologists. As earlier the activists had already encountered different provocations and violations of law on behalf of the police, some of them were afraid to get back home. The Greens are going to wait for official clarifications from the police.

YABLOKO will continue providing to the activists its information support and is ready to provide legal aid.

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Press Release
July 30, 2010