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Ecologists and civil activists detained in the Khimki Forest are facing 15 days of arrest

Press Release
July 29, 2010

At present YABLOKOs leader Sergei Mitrokhin is in Public Prosecutors office in Khimki filing an application of unlawful actions by the police.

The police confiscated mobile phones of nine detained ecologists and journalists, thus depriving them of an opportunity to get in touch with lawyers and get a legal consultation.

The police officer on duty told Mitrokhin that confiscation of mobile phones was lawful, and the activists are kept in the wards. The police issued protocols of administrative violation (disobeying the police orders) against them, which can involve such punishment as 15 days of arrest. The leader of the defenders of the Khimki Forest Yevgenia Chirikova (who is one of the nine detained ecologists) managed to tell Mitrokhin that the policemen referred to an order of the Moscow Region Governor Boris Gromov who had prohibited any persons to appear in the Forest.

Sergei Mitrokhin is going to obtain Public Prosecutors immediate reaction to the developments.

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Press Release
July 29, 2010