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Ecologists block the driver who attacked the leader of the Movement in Protection of the Khimki Forest

Press Release
July 19, 2010

The activists protecting the Khimki forest made a camp in the place of cutting of the woods and are now blocking a car of a stranger who attacked Eugenia Chirikova, the leader of the Movement in Protection of the Khimki Forest, and almost hit her with his car.

On July 16 this man drove to the camp in a silver KIA jeep (No B 104 YE 98). Coming out of the car the man began hitting Eugenia on the hands trying to make her drop her mobile phone. Then he jumped into his car and tried to knock her down with his car, Eugenia managed to escape only by a miracle.

Today this man appeared in the camp again. The activists blocked his car with logs and called a police.
The ecologists are now erecting barricades by the camp. Then even promise to put up antitank hedgehogs like in the Second World War. “It was the Khimki district which stopped Hitler’s attack on Moscow. And the residents of the district hope that their city will again become the symbol of fight against the attack of occupants and bandits from the Putin’s power clan, who signed a permit to cut their forest for the sake of building of a paid highway and a colossal construction nearby,” Chirikova said.

Today the workers of the Vinci company, France, cutting the forest promised to demonstrate the ecologists the permission on cutting the woods.

YABLOKO has been opposing the constructing of the paid highway Moscow-St.Petersburg via the Khimki forest. On July 17 the party made a statement supporting the defenders of the forest and calling cutting of the woods a doubtful idea and violation of the law.


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Protection of Environment




Press Release

July 19, 2010