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In protection of the Khimki Forest and its defenders

Statement by the YABLOKO party
July 17, 2010

We welcome and support the members of the Ecological Defence of the Moscow Region (Ekooborona Moskovskoi Oblasti) rising in the way of those who with saws and axes without any permissions began elimination of the Khimki Forest.

The whole project with a multikilometer loop of a paid highway Moscow – St.Petersburg is indicative of corruption and violation of laws:

- the decision of building this loop was taken with violation of the law and without examination of other variants of the highway route which would not affect one of the few large forests new Moscow;

- the Resolution of the Government No 1642 of November 5, 2009, on transfer of lands of the Khimki Forest [to another category of lands allowing construction works] violated the Land and the Forest Codes of that time which directly prohibited construction works in the territories of forests and parks, and amendments weakening these provision of the Codes were introduced later but with dates [so that to allow for these construction works];

Environmental safety of several thousands of the residents of the Khimki area is swapped for profit, unraparable damage to the ecological system of the Moscow region. For the sake of profits the authorities are covering the criminals: the bandits who made handicapped Mikhail Bekotov, Editor-in-Chief of the Khimki Pravda paper courageously defending the Khimki Forest, have not been found.

Elections to the federal parliament will come soon. We are drawing the attention of the Muscovites and the residents of the Moscow region to the fact that the attack against the Khimki Forest is supported by the omnipresent [progovernmental] United Russia party and its leader Vladimir Putin. Thus, hey once again demonstrate that the commercial interests of the few are more important than care of the health and well-being of many.

Defenders of the Khimki Forest, we are with you! Today you have been protecting not you’re your place of birth but also the principles of the civil society in Russia.

Sergei Mitrokhin,
Chairman of the YABLOKO party


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July 17, 2010