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Police breaks into ecologists camp

Press Release
July 28, 2010

At night of July 28 special riot police (OMON) broke into the camp of the Khimki Forest defenders made close to the cutting site. The police detained 16 persons, including the leader of the ecologist Yevgeniya Chirikova and five journalists.

However, YABLOKO and ecologists continue defending the Khimki Forest. YABLOKOs experts state that the highway Moscow St.Petersburg can well take one of the alternative routs without going through the Khimki Forest which is acting as the lungs of the region. Cutting of the woods has been held without any permits. Representatives of the construction company did not come to the scheduled meeting with the ecologists and residents of Khimki where they had promised to show all the due permits.

In the evening of July 28 Sergei Mitrokhin and YABLOKOs activists came to the site and joined the ecologists. They also made barricades so that to block cutting of the woods. YABLOKOs activists also undertook an attempt to get to place of stationing of the workers cutting the woods and to talk to these people. It turned out that the camp was guarded by the police and a private security company. The police demanded from the activists to leave the camp. However, there was no cutting of the woods from 6 to 10 p.m. when YABLOKOs activists were in the Khimki Forest.

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Press Release
July 28, 2010