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Destruction of nature has been accelerating

Statement by the YABLOKO party on the threashold of the World Environment Day
June 4, 2010

The biosphere of our planet has not improved for the past year. We have been facing dangerous ongoing climate change, deterioration of the condition of the world ocean, shrinking biodiversity, disappearance of the rain forests, aging nuclear power stations and proliferation of nuclear weapons threaten us with another Chernobyl, chemical contamination and the spread of GMOs. Influential international bodies – the G-8 and the G-20, the World Bank, the European and the Asian Banks of Reconstruction and Development - declaring the importance of preserving the planet's ecosystems in words, virtually support quick-profit technologies detrimental on nature.

Lack of stringent environmental control over implementation of commercial projects at the national and the international level leads to a terrible disasters like that we observe in the Gulf of Mexico.

The Russian government has been passive in the fight against dangerous anthropogenic changes on the planet and rare declarations by our authorities on the need to preserve the environment remain words only, because such activity requires additional investments and restructuring of the old production facilities which result in a fall of the operating revenue. Russia has virtually abolished ensuring the constitutional rights of its citizens to a favorable environment, reliable information on environmental situation, compensation of environmental damage, rational use and preservation of natural resources, economical and careful attitude to natural resources as the basis for life and work of the citizens.

Environmentally unfriendly results of Putin-Medvedev’s governing include the following:

- purposeful weakening of environmental and natural resource laws;

- increase in environmentally sensitive morbidity and mortality;

- resumed functioning of the Baikal Pulp in the mode of causing irreparable damage to the Lake Baikal;

- opening of borders to the imports of foreign radioactive waste and creation ecologically unfriendly production facilities in Russia moved from other countries;

- facilitation in elimination of urban and suburban recreation areas and territories;

- abolishing of development in a necessary scope of safe energy sources;

- negligence to predatory use of natural resources, poaching (by senior officials inclusive);

- support of new "great construction projects” (Evenkiyskaya hydro-electric power station, the Central Circular Road, etc.), and projects like that targeted at raising of the water level of the Cheboksary reservoir, which will dangerously change the living conditions at vast areas for the sake of enriching a few;

- damaging nature in the Western Caucasus in connection with implementation of the ambitious Sochi Olympic Games project.

The Russian United Democratic Party YABLOKO calls to using such approaches to the development of the country when new production facilities and use of natural resources would improve rather then worsen the socio-ecological situation, when "petrodollars" would be spent on innovative development, when Russia would become a democratic law-governed state cooperating with other countries in order to prevent national and global ecological distaters.

Sergei Mitrokhin
Chair of the YABLOKO party

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June 4, 2010