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The Phobos company continues eliminating the Khimki Forest despite Public Prosecutors ban

Press Release
July 30, 2010

Despite Public Prosecutors ban the workers of the Phobos company constructing the Moscow-St.Petersburg highway continue cutting of the Khimki forest. Vyacheslav Sorokin, whose house is located in 200 meters from the Khimki Forest, informed YABLOKOs leader Sergei Mitrokhin of it today.

This morning Sorokin hearing the noise of working machines came to the site and demanded from the workers to show him their permit on cutting of the woods. After their refusal he called the police.

The police arriving to the site confirmed that the workers had no permit for such works and demanded that they should stop their work and leave the forest.

Sorokin also informed the policemen of stop cutting of the woods until the end of the trial. As it turned out, the police had not had this information yet.

Now the police refuses to come to the site of cutting, so the worker continue cutting the woods. According to a local resident, the cutting is performed from the side opposite to the contracting companys camp (i.e. from the other side of the Vashutinskoye highway). Two days ago YABLOKOs activists erected a barricade there so that to prevent a free delivery of more machinery there. However, according to Sorokin, the workers have already dismantled the barricade.

Sergei Mitrokhin with a group of YABLOKOs activists is already in the way to the site of cutting.

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Press Release
July 30, 2010