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Yabloko's Views


New items of the server - September 2002
September 28, 2002

Russia and U.S. to Discuss Collaborative Oil Ventures
New York Times, By Sabrina Tavernise, September 28, 2002

MOSCOW, Sept. 27 - Energy executives and government officials from Russia and the United States will meet in Houston next week to discuss energy cooperation at a time when concerns over the safety of world oil supplies have been heightened by the Bush administration's push for action against Iraq.


Yabloko: Budget 'Hydrocarbonated'
Moscow Times, By Valeria Korchagina, September 25, 2002
The State Duma's Yabloko faction presented its annual alternative budget Tuesday while slamming the government for once again drafting a "hydrocarbonated" budget hooked on oil and gas.

September 24, 2002

Journalist Pasko Transferred to Labor Camp...
Vol. 2, No. 36, 20 September 2002

On 11 September, journalist Grigorii Pasko was to be transferred to a forced-labor camp, according to the Bellona Foundation's website (http://www.bellona.no). International PEN said it is deeply alarmed by the transfer. While serving a sentence for his work as a military journalist, Pasko edited the Bellona Foundation's St. Petersburg magazine "Environment and Rights" from prison. A Norwegian environmental organization, Bellona reported that it was contacted from Vladivostok by Pasko's wife, Gallina Morozova, with the news that he was to be transferred to a labor camp in Ussuriysk, a city 100 kilometers from Vladivostok...


Speech of the First Deputy head of the YABLOKO faction of the State Duma Sergei Ivanenko during discussions of the draft law on the ban on referendums in the year of elections to the State Duma and presidential elections
The State Duma of the RF
September 18, 2002.


Speech of the First Deputy head of the YABLOKO faction of the State Duma Sergei Ivanenko during discussion of the resolution on Georgia
September 13, 2002

We consider that President Putin's political declaration, who warned the Georgian leadership on the seriousness of the situation, is acceptable. We think that the essence of this declaration is to invite President of Georgia Eduard Shevarnadze to take part in negotiations to be held in Kishinau at the beginning of October.

September 23, 2002

If You Want Peace, Prepare to War
September 20, 2002, By Grigory Yavlinsky
We can perceive some progress in the situation with Iraq. While the issue of sending UN inspectors to the country has almost been resolved, this should be brought to a logical conclusion. The inspectors should be able to start work without any preliminary conditions, be accorded wide proxies and be allowed to work unimpeded.


This Could Prove a Costly Escapade
The Moscow Times, September 23, 2002.
By Grigory Yavlinsky

Russian military strikes against Georgia are inadmissible. The questionable gains of a military operation are completely outweighed by the political damage that Russia would incur both at home and internationally if it spreads the war in Chechnya to the neighboring independent state of Georgia. For 200 years we lived together in a single state, including 70 years under the Soviet regime. The consequences of such a move would be destructive for both nations.

September 18, 2002

Empire, Climb Down!
By Boris Vishnevsky, Novaya Gazeta No. 65, September 2002
Firstly nobody knows how key decisions are made - nor the reasons behind them, nor who makes the decision. Secondly, the political elite - the circle of decision-makers - is made up solely of people who have been appointed and not elected.Thirdly, issues of vital national importance are never subject to open debate.


Luzhkov Wants to Resurrect Iron Felix
Moscow Times, By Nabi Abdullaev, September 16, 2002

Yabloko and the Union of Right Forces, the country's two main liberal parties, announced Friday Moscow Mayor Yury Luzhkov on Friday called for the resurrection of the towering statue of Soviet secret police founder Felix Dzerzhinsky on Lubyanskaya Ploshchad, in a surprise move that drew sharp criticism from liberal politicians.


Russian liberals rally against KGB statue
United Press International, September 16, 2002

MOSCOW, Sept. 16 (UPI) -- A Russian liberal party and human rights activists staged a rally Monday in central Moscow to block the return of a statue of Soviet-era secret police chief Felix Dzerzhinsky to its site in front of the FSB security service headquarters.

September 16, 2002

On the creation of a monument to commemorate the victims of political repressions at Lubyanka Square in Moscow
Statement of the Russian Democratic Party YABLOKO. September 15, 2002

The Russian Democratic Party YABLOKO considers the restoration of Dzerzhinsky’s monument at Lubyanka Square in Moscow inadmissible.


Russia's Interest in Iraq Is Not Saddam
Moscow Times, By Simon Saradzhyan, September 13, 2002
If Washington decides to topple Iraqi President Saddam Hussein, Moscow will have to agree to a U.S. military strike or risk losing billions of dollars it has at stake in Iraq, experts said.


The Bush Administration and Iraq:
A Cautionary Warning
"In the National Interest", September 13, 2002
A Conversation with Yuri Shchekochikin
The Honorable Yuri P. Shchekochikin is a member of the Russian State Duma and the vice-chairman of its Committee on Security, and a leading figure within the liberal Yabloko party. He spoke with In the National Interest editor Nikolas K. Gvosdev after President George W. Bush made his speech before the United Nations General Assembly.

September 12, 2002

The YABLOKO party complied with the state registration requirements stipulated by the law “On Political Parties”
Press Release, September 11, 2002

The Russian Democratic Party YABLOKO met all state registration requirements in compliance with the law “On Political Parties”. Registration certificates for the party in 54 federation subjects (in 46 federation subjects the party members have over one hundred members) were forwarded to the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation on September 11, 2002.


The YABLOKO party complies with requirements of the law “On Political Parties” regarding state registration procedures
Rosbalt, September 11, 2002

Moscow. September 11, 2002. The Russian Democratic Party YABLOKO met all requirements of the law “On Political Parties” regarding the state registration procedure. According to information from the Press Service of the YABLOKO Party, registration certificates on registration in 54 federation subjects were forwarded to the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation on Wednesday.


One Year After
The Moscow Times. By Grigory Yavlinsky. September 11, 2002.

Rather than changing the world, Sept. 11 brought to light already existing problems. Mankind was given a clear signal that the key problem of the 21st century must be resolved.


Duma to Open Autumn Sesion with Attack on the Communists
Kommersant, by Syuzanna Farizova, September 10, 2002

Rather than changing the world, Sept. 11 brought to light already existing problems. Mankind was given a clear signal that the key problem of the 21st century must be resolved.

September 10, 2002
What Has Changed in the World Since September 11?
by Grigory Yavlinsky

Far from changing the world, September 11 brought to light existing problems. Mankind was provided with a clear signal: the key problem of the 21st century must be resolved. I am referring to the growing gap globally between poverty, deterioration in living standards, a fall in life expectancy and rise in illnesses on the one hand, and the well-being, prosperity, technological progress, rising education standards and growth of intellectual potential on the other. In other words, we are witnessing a gap between the citizens of many countries whose lives have been deteriorating and the citizens of developed countries.
September 8, 2002
A Decisive Trip
Izvestia, by Alla Kreshchenskaya and Vyacheslav Sergeev, September 7, 2002

A controversial presidential bill on combating extremism was pushed through the State Duma by On June 6 the Duma resolutely voted in favour of a law to counter extremism in the first reading. The law was passed despite its clearly draft" nature and the views of some parties that this law Duma deputies believe that implementation of Russia's 2003 budget will stabilize Russia's reputation in the global money markets. Pro-government factions of the Duma are so convinced that the draft budget will pass easily in the autumn session of the Duma that Unity leader Vladimir Pekhtin has planned a trip to Brazil at the time of the reading of the first reading of the draft budget. He intends to discuss dams and dykes there.
September 6, 2002
Unions Without Right-Wing Forces
The right wing of Russian politics is weakening
Izvestia, by Mikhail Vinogradov and Natalia Ratiani, September 5, 2002

Two serious parties target the middle class today - the Union of Right-Wing Forces (SPS) and Yabloko. However, can they convince the new middle class to become their electorate. Does this electorate want to vote for them? Otherwise, the right wing of Russian politics will disperse in its own contradictions and ambitions, while its electorate will turn to partners on the political arena that are smarter.
September 5, 2002

Turnkey Parties
Delovaya Khronika, September 3, 2002

July 14 marked two years since the new law on political parties came into force. Previously-registered socio-political movements were given two years to re-register in line with the new requirements.



September 3, 2002

St. Pete Gov. Yakovlev Gets Last Nails in Political Coffin
Russia Journal, by Dr. Gordon M. Hahn, July 26, 2002

July events suggest the final nails are being hammered into the coffin of St. Petersburg Gov. Vladimir Yakovlev's political career. On July 2, the Union of Right Forces (SPS), Yabloko and Unity parties announced they would establish a joint election headquarters to coordinate their actions in the December elections to St. Petersburg Legislative Assembly (SPLA).


Grigory Yavlinsky: Our State Does Not Need People, despite the low birth rate.
Nezavisimaya Gazeta, By Lidia Grafova, July 29, 2002
Are you tired of reading and listening about the tragedies of migrants? However, recently the problem of migration gained a new accent - as a threat to national security! This means a threat to each of us. Does this mean that the state does the correct thing virtually announcing a war to "all new migrants?

September 2, 2002

The YABLOKO faction is going to demand a review of the refusal by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to issue a Russian visa to Dalai-Lama 14
RIA RosBusinessConsulting, August 30, 2002

The YABLOKO faction is going to demand a review of the refusal by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs refusal to issue a Russian visa to Dalai-Lama 14. The deputies’ inquiry was forwarded to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation on August 30, 2002, by Deputy Head of the YABLOKO faction Sergei Mitrokhin...


Deputy of the State Duma Mikhail Zadornov: Budget for 2003 is unfavourable towards regions
Rosbalt, August 30, 2002

Moscow August 30, 2002. The adoption by the State Duma of the federal budget for 2003 in the government’s version is unprofitable for Russia’s regions. This opinion was expressed by Deputy Head of the Budget Committee of the State Duma Mikhail Zadornov (YABLOKO) at his meeting with journalists on Friday, August 30, 2002.

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