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What Has Changed in the World Since September 11?

by Grigory Yavlinsky

Far from changing the world, September 11 brought to light existing problems. Mankind was provided with a clear signal: the key problem of the 21st century must be resolved. I am referring to the growing gap globally between poverty, deterioration in living standards, a fall in life expectancy and rise in illnesses on the one hand, and the well-being, prosperity, technological progress, rising education standards and growth of intellectual potential on the other. In other words, we are witnessing a gap between the citizens of many countries whose lives have been deteriorating and the citizens of developed countries.

Of course there is no justification for terror or explanation: terror is rooted in ignoble acts rather than in poverty. But it is at the very least shortsighted to ignore the background for the development of this baseness and to fail to understand what feeds this ignoble behaviour.

After September 11 the international authority of Russia has grown thanks to the correct and clear-cut foreign policy advocated by our President.

Over the past year military efforts in combatting terrorism, primarily in Afghanistan, failed to yield any significant results, as this problem cannot be resolved by military force alone. Force is necessary, but it is clearly an inadequate solution. Furthermore too little has been done in other directions.

When confronted by their own inability to resolve the most acute problems, politicians have more and more often voluntarily or involuntarily played out a political farce.

Over the past year everyone has seen that NATO was an inefficient military and political organisation, that relations between the USA and Europe were not as cloudless as they had seemed in the past, that the USA was attempting in many areas to drive forward its own political course separately from the world community. However, today there is a need for close interaction and cooperation between the USA, Europe and Russia to reduce the threat posed by terrorism and increase global stability.

The results of the past year can be summed up as follows: we have a better understanding of the problems and also of their complexity. We need to hasten their resolution.

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by Grigory Yavlinsky

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