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Statement of the Russian Democratic Party YABLOKO

On the creation of a monument to commemorate the victims of political repressions at Lubyanka Square in Moscow

September 15, 2002

The Russian Democratic Party YABLOKO considers the restoration of Dzerzhinsky’s monument at Lubyanka Square in Moscow inadmissible.

The name of Dzerzhinsky is closely connected to the creation of a system of concentration camps, the extermination of millions of people, including the best representatives from the intelligentsia, clergy, Kazakhs, workers and farmers in the “red terror” period.

By restoring the monument at Lubyanka Square, the authorities will demonstrate to the Russian people and the whole world that they approve of the practice of extrajudicial reprisals and wideranging political repression.

We think that as a work of art the statue by E.Vutetich has a merited place in the Central House of Artist, together with other works of art from the Soviet era. However, it is absolutely inadmissible for symbols of terror to decorate the central squares of the Russian cities.

The Russian Democratic Party YABLOKO is submitting to the Public City Building Council under the Mayor of Moscow its proposal to build at Lubyanka square a monument to commemorate all political repression in the 20th century. We are ready to cooperate with Moscow government and the Moscow City Duma in all issues related to implementation of this initiative.

Chairman of the Party
Grigory Yavlinsky

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Statement of the Russian Democratic Party YABLOKO, September 15, 2002

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