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New items of the server - August 2002
August 27, 2002

Deputy of the State Duma Sergei Ivanenko: Government complacency may cost Russia dearly
Rosbalt, August 26, 2002

Moscow, August 26, 2002. “The draft budget for 2003 demonstrates the apathetic approach of the Government to the resolution of the country’s financial and economic problems,” noted Deputy Head of the YABLOKO faction in the State Duma Sergei Ivanenko in an interview with the Rosbalt correspondent on Monday.


Second version of the draft budget under preparation
Vremya MN, August 27, 2002

The YABLOKO faction of the State Duma is ready to submit its variant of the draft state budget for 2003 as an alternative to the governmental draft...


Alexei Kudrin: Discussions of the draft budget for 2003 in the State Duma will be tough
RIA Novosti, August 27, 2002

Leaders of the Duma factions and associations are pleased with the results of their meeting with the Russian president in the Kremlin...

August 25, 2002

Our State Does Not Need People, Despite the Low Birth Rate.
Novaya Gazeta, by Lidia Grafova, July 29, 2002
Are you tired of reading and listening about the tragedies of migrants? However, recently the problem of migration gained a new accent - as a threat to national security! This means a threat to each of us. Does this mean that the state does the correct thing virtually announcing a war to "all new migrants?


A Single Presidential Candidate from the Right Wing?
Argumenty i Fakty. August 14, 2002

As it should be, two years before the next presidential election, the campaign teams of leading The idea to nominate a single right-wing presidential candidate, which Boris Nemtsov proposed to his colleagues two months ago, caused a great stir. Although the politicians soon departed for their summer vacation, the idea floated by the Union of Right-Wing Forces faction has taken on a life of its own. It was recently the topic of an on-line poll on the mail.ru website.


Mystery Proposal Could Subjugate Minatom to Three Government Bodies Lawmakers say report had president`s "full attention"
Bellona Group, Norway. By Charles Digges. 30 July 2002

MOSCOW - Russian President Vladimir Putin is considering a document delivered to him by Yabloko Party leader Grigory Yavlinsky, outlining a plan that would subjugate the monolithic Nuclear Power Ministry, or Minatom, to three government bodies, stripping away the Stalinesque opacity that helped drive the arms race and continues to shroud its civilian pursuits in secrecy.

August 23, 2002

Congress Concerned Over Iraq, Iran Deals
The Associated Press. August 22, 2002

Prominent lawmakers and activists appealed to the Supreme Court chairman Wednesday to A U.S. congressional delegation met with top Russian officials and lawmakers Wednesday to express concern over a proposed economic cooperation agreement between Russia and Iraq and Moscow's plan to build five nuclear reactors in Iran, the U.S. Embassy said.


Yavlinsky Wins Suit Against St. Petersburg Paper
Radio Liberty. Media Matters. 23 August, 2002.

August 20, 2002

Yavlinsky Conceives Split of the Ministry of Nuclear Power
Vedomosti, by Zoya Kaika and Elena Evstigneeva, July 31, 2002

The YABLOKO faction, conducting a campaign against the import of spent nuclear fuel into Russia, found a radical way to resolve this problem. YABLOKO proposed that President Vladimir Putin virtually disband the Ministry of Nuclear Power, distributing its proxies between the Energy Ministry, Defence Ministry and the Ministry of Industry. However, this idea has no backers in the Presidential Administration or Government.


YABLOKO Defends Compatriots
Constitutional Court to Consider the New Law "On Citizenship"

Vremya Novostei, by Irina Belasheva, July 30, 2002

Deputies from the YABLOKO faction plan to request that the Constitutional Court check whether some provisions of the law "On Citizenship" that recently came into force correspond with the fundamental law of the country. As Deputy Head of the YABLOKO party Sergei Mitrokhin told a correspondent of the Vremya Novostei newspaper, the YABLOKO faction of the State Duma will initiate this appeal to the Constitutional Court in September...

August 17, 2002

YABLOKO: Tripartite Working Group has still not managed to achieve any significant improvements in the concept of draft laws for reforms of the electricity sector
Press Release, August 6, 2002

Tripartite Working Group has still not managed to significantly improve the concept of draft laws for electricity sector reforms: this is the opinion expressed by YABLOKO's experts participating in the work of the group. The meeting of the group, involving representatives from the government and both the chambers of the Russian parliament, took place in the State Duma on August 5, 2002.


Branches of Power Beat Against the Energy Sector
Delovoi Peterburg, by Vladimir Lavitsky, August 7, 2002

The legislative and executive authorities have almost resolved the emerging contradictions in energy sector reform.

August 14, 2002

Russian politicians comment on Lukashenko's meeting with Putin
BelaPAN Information Company (Belarus). August 15, 2002

Minsk, 15 August. Russia's Rosbalt news agency interviewed Russian politicians on the eve of the August 14 meeting between Belarusian leader AlexanderLukashenko and President Vladimir Putin.


Special commission to control imports of spent nuclear fuel The Russian State Duma, Lower House of Parliament, established a special commission to control the Russian nuclear ministry's deals with the foreign owners of the spent nuclear fuel.
Bellona Group, March 22, 2002


Russian liberal Yabloko party to hold referendum
Bellona Group, December 10, 2001

August 12, 2002

Yavlinsky opposes spent nuclear fuel imports
Bellona Group, April 4, 2002

He criticised heavily the officials who had authorised the import of foreign spent nuclear fuels. "People who want to obtain $20m over 40 years are just swindlers" noted Yavlinsky. He emphasized the danger created by the Russian government by agreeing to store and reprocess foreign spent nuclear fuel. The trains, which bring the fuel, are so heavy that Russia’s worn-out railways may not cope and then serious environmental disasters can happen. Yavlinsky does not trust the companies engaged in nuclear waste shipment and storage: "It is madness to store nuclear waste in the country with our bureaucrats. This represents a gift to all terrorists."

August 10, 2002

How Will Russia Spend the $20 Billion Promised at the G8 Summit in Canada?
Nezavisimoye Voyennoye Obozreniye No. 23, July 2002

The recent G8 summit in the Canadian town of Kananaskis decided to allocate substantial funds to the programme for eliminating Russian stockpiles of weapons of mass destruction. Deputy Chairman of the  Defense Committee of the State Duma Alexei Arbatov talks with Salavat Suleimanov about eliminating weapons and appropriating the money.


Russian liberal politician concerned by attacks on Putin's foreign policy views
Interfax, April 24, 2002

Moscow, 24 April: The leader of the Russian liberal party Yabloko, Grigoriy Yavlinsky, expressed his convern that the foreign policy pursued by President Vladimir Putin has been under pressure from certain circles in the political and bureaucratic establishment aimed at revising this policy.

August 8, 2002

U.S. Withdraws From ABM Treaty; Global Response Muted
Arms Control Association. By Wade Boese. July-August 2002

The United States withdrew from the landmark 1972 Anti-Ballistic Missile (ABM) Treaty on June 13. Little pageantry or protest marked the U.S. move abrogating the treaty and its prohibition against nationwide missile defenses, despite often fierce debate on the accord within Washington and around the world.


A Russian View. Interview with Alexei Arbaton on ABM Treaty
pbs.org, August 14, 2001
"RAY SUAREZ: Secretary Rumsfeld's Russian counterpart, Sergei Ivanov, said his country is looking for what he called "managed deterrence not based on fear." Both sides have committed to continued talks on offensive and defensive weapons."

August 6, 2002

Link to English-language web-site of the Tver branch of YABLOKO


pbs.org, May 22, 2002
"SIMON MARKS: In Moscow this week, the hottest ticket in town is not for Friday's state dinner at the Kremlin with President Bush, it's for "Star Wars. " The new American blockbuster opened here this past weekend, and is playing on every big screen in the city. 11 years after the fall of the Soviet Union, Russian moviegoers are much like moviegoers everywhere else, captivated by Hollywood and the U.S. entertainment industry. But stop some of them after the show, and you'll find that many distinguish between U.S. fiction and their perceptions of fact."


Our State Does Not Need People, Despite the Low Birth Rate.
Novaya Gazeta, by Lidia Grafova, July 29, 2002
Are you tired of reading and listening about the tragedies of migrants? However, recently the problem of migration gained a new accent - as a threat to national security! This means a threat to each of us. Does this mean that the state does the correct thing virtually announcing a war to "all new migrants?

August 4, 2002

Russia’s International Nuclear Business and the Future of the Russian
Speech of the Russian State Duma Deputy Sergey Mitrokhin
RANSAC Congressional Seminar
Ministry of Nuclear Power
July 19, 2002


Far East Traders Turn to Legal Businesses
The Moscow Times, By Sabrina Tavernise, July 31, 2002.

VLADIVOSTOK, Far East -- In this sleek cafe, with exposed brick, track lighting and a chrome-rimmed bar, you can dine on fettuccini alfredo with salmon, sauteed mushrooms and Black Forest cake.

August 2, 2002

Russian author refuses to answer police questions in pornography case that has raised fears of censorship
Associated Press, By ERIC ENGLEMAN, July 29, 2002
MOSCOW - An iconoclastic Russian writer under investigation for disseminating pornography in his novel that depicts sexual contact between Soviet leaders Josef Stalin and Nikita Khrushchev refused to answer police questions Monday and called the investigation of his writings absurd.


A Briefing on the Dangers and Benefits of Russia’s International Nuclear Cooperation
Russian American Nuclear Security Advisory Council
Congressional Strategic Stability and Security Seminar Series
July 19, 2002

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