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Special commission to control imports of spent nuclear fuel The Russian State Duma, Lower House of Parliament, established a special commission to control the Russian nuclear ministry's deals with the foreign owners of the spent nuclear fuel.

March 22, 2002

The commission was a condition stipulated by Putin, when he authorised the import of foreign spent nuclear fuel to Russia for storage and reprocessing. The State Duma ruled that each delivery should be approved by the special commission. As well as controls over the contracts the commission has to report to the President and the Duma about the current situation with spent nuclear fuel. It is expected that this commission will render Minatom's business transparent and check whether the money is really being spent on environmental programmes and the decontaimination of territory. Russian Liberal Yabloko party wanted this commission to be public and parliamentarian. However, the Duma and the president ruled that the commission would consist of 20 members: 5 – from the president, 5 – from the government, and 10 – from both houses of Russian parliament. Russian environmental grpoups do not trust the new commission and believe that each nuclear deal should be approved by the State Duma.

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Bellona Group. March 22, 2002

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