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Radio Liberty. 23 August, 2002.

Yavlinsky Wins Suit Against St. Petersburg Paper

Media Matters.

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In a case that began in June 1999, a St. Petersburg court upheld a lawsuit filed by Grigorii Yavlinsky, the chairman of the Yabloko party, on 4 July. The claimant asked the court to protect his honor, dignity, and business reputation after the publication of an article on 17 December 1998 in the paper "Novyi Peterburg" during the run-up to the elections for the St. Petersburg Legislative Assembly. The court held that statements such as that "the American special services have been implementing a secret project called 'Yabloko'" constituted slander. The court ordered "Novyi Peterburg" to publish a retraction and pay the claimant compensation in the amount of 5,000 roubles ($160) for moral damage. ("European Institute for the Media July Russia Bulletin," 20 August)

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Radio Liberty. 23 August, 2002.

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