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Elections information on the Yabloko server
Duma elections, 1999
Press releases

Under 2% of the bulletins remain to be processed by the Central Electoral Committee before the final official results can be announced: Yabloko has 5.98%
Press Release, 29.12.99


The Central Electoral Committee needs to process the final 2% of the bulletins
Press Release, 22.12.99


Vladimir Lukin: Despite the difficult conditions we managed to retain our electorate

Press Release, 20.12.99


St Petersburg politicians assess the results of the State Duma elections in the Northern capital of Russia
Press Release, 20.12.99


Grigory Yavlinsky: Yabloko's showing in the elections was worse than expected owing to unfair competitive conditions
Press Release, 20.12.99


Vladimir Lukin: the Duma elections cannot be considered democratic
Press Release, 20.12.99


Forecast of the Duma elections from ARPI and ROMIR: Yabloko - 9-12%
Press Release, 15.12.99


Russia at the polls. 1999. Yabloko
BBC News
Yabloko is Russia's leading liberal party, with a programme that seeks to spread the benefits of economic reform throughout society, fostering a middle class, and
protecting the poor...


Communists and centrists agree: Capitalism hasn't been working in Russia
By David Hoffman , http://seattletimes.nwsource.com


Yabloko bloc gets lift from alliance.

By Ekaterina Larina, The Russia Journal, September 6, 1999

The recently formed alliance of Sergei Stepashin and Grigory Yavlinsky may be a rare case of a political compromise in which the gains for those involved greatly outweigh the concessions, pollsters, analysts and politicians say.


Halfway to Success

By Svetlana Lolayeva, Vremya MN, November 5, 1999

The "Vryemya MN" newspaper continues publishing articles on the electoral campaigns of the leading electoral associations. Today we shall look closely at the Yabloko electoral association.