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Argumenty i Fakty

A Single Presidential Candidate from the Right Wing?

August 14, 2002

As it should be, two years before the next presidential election, the campaign teams of leading The idea to nominate a single right-wing presidential candidate, which Boris Nemtsov proposed to his colleagues two months ago, caused a great stir. Although the politicians soon departed for their summer vacation, the idea floated by the Union of Right-Wing Forces faction has taken on a life of its own. It was recently the topic of an on-line poll on the mail.ru website.

Almost four thousand site visitors voted: aA third of these visitors supported the Union of Right-Wing Forces initiative.

Another 29% of respondents were convinced that the various democratic parties would never be able to reach agreement among themselves. A third of the respondents said they didn't care; but only 10% were completely opposed to the idea of a single presidential candidate.

Of the possible candidates, Boris Nemtsov was the top choice (945 respondents, or 25%). He was followed by Grigory Yavlinsky (23%), Irina Khakamada (20%), and "some other candidate" (a total of 14%). Anatoly Chubais was the choice of 10% of respondents, Vladimir Lukin got 5%, and Sergei Ivanenko got 3%.

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Argumenty i Fakty, August 14, 2002

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