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The YABLOKO party complied with the state registration requirements stipulated by the law “On Political Parties”

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The Russian Democratic Party YABLOKO met all state registration requirements in compliance with the law “On Political Parties”. Registration certificates for the party in 54 federation subjects (in 46 federation subjects the party members have over one hundred members) were forwarded to the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation on September 11, 2002.

The party members registered on the day when documents were submitted to the Ministry of Justice totalled 10,449 people, who were listed in YABLOKO’s regional branches that had already completed the registration procedure. In 15 Russian Federation subjects YABLOKO’s branches are still undergoing the state registration procedure, and are considering party members enlisted in these branches, as well as party members who joined the party following registratin of the branches: in all YABLOKO has 15,080 members in Russia.

The largest regional branches of the YABLOKO party are in Sverdlovsk Region (1,115 members), Krasnodar Territory (857 members) and Rostov Region (760 members).

YABLOKO first appeared on the Russian political scene in 1993, when electoral bloc bearing a name was registered at the elections to the State Duma. In 1995 the All-Russian Public Association YABLOKO was established. In December 2001 YABLOKO’s congress adopted a decision to transform the association into a party and also approved the Charter and Programme of the YABLOKO party. On April 25, 2002, the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation registered YABLOKO as a political party. Under the new Charter you are admitted to the party at the time when you file your application.

In March 2002 YABLOKO joined the Liberal International, a political organisation which brings together 60 liberal political parties from different countries.

YABLOKO had a presence in all three convocations of the State Duma. Grigory Yavlinsky has always been the leader of party.

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