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January 2002

Accepting the Inevitable
Vremya Novostei, January 14, 2002

 Not surprisingly, there is some weariness in politicians’ comments about TV6 – most were used during the recent conflict around NTV. These two stories have a lot in common - the same team headed by the same leader, Yevgeni Kiselev, faces the same situation again.


Domestic and Foreign Policy Challenges in Russia Today Summary of the Remarks of Grigory Yavlinsky Delivered at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace Washington DC
January 30, 2001.
Grigory Yavlinsky was elected to the Russian Duma in 1993 and was one of the founders of the Yabloko faction. Yabloko is one of the principal democratic parties in Russia and was established as a formal party in the Russian Duma in December 1998. Mr. Yavlinsky has been a leading liberal voice in Russian politics for the past ten years and a critic of the Russian government's crackdown on independent media, excesses in Chechnya, and corruption. He has twice run for the Russian Presidency, in 1996 and in 2000.


The Right-Wing and the Left-Wing Find Common Interests. Duma deputies want the Federation Council to be elected.
By Olga Tropkina, Nezavisimaya Gazeta, January 29, 2002
Several factions of the Duma are holding consultations. The idea is to initiate amendments to the Constitution. The centrists are steering clear of the consultations for the time being. As always, they are waiting for a nod from the president.


Yabloko Rejects Putin's 'Managed Democracy'
By Grigory Yavlinsky, St.Petersburg Times, January 25, 2002
THE most important positive political development of 2001 is, without doubt, the set of decisions taken by the country's leadership in the wake of Sept. 11.


YABLOKO opposes the draft military reform proposed by the Union of Right-Wing Forces
Nezavisimaya Gazeta, January 25, 2002

A big scandal is imminent in relations between the Union of Right-Wing Forces (SPS) and YABLOKO. The military reforms lobbied by the SPS would appear to be the cause of serious contention between the two political structures, which intended to begin drawing up a joint electoral list for the Duma less than a year ago. Grigory Yavlinsky's party officially announced that the military reform proposed by the SPS, providing for the transition to a six-month term of service was "counterproductive politically and generally groundless.”


Yabloko Offers Alternative Conception of Housing and Communal Reform
RIA "OREANDA", January 25, 2002

Moscow. The Russian Democratic Party "Yabloko" and its faction in the State Duma continue advocating a review of the state programme of housing and communal reform.


Bush concerned about shutdown of TV6
Associated Press, January 25, 2002
WASHINGTON - The shutdown of independent Moscow station TV6 is a continuing concern for President George W. Bush, the White House said Thursday.


TV6 mulls closure, prepares appeal
The Russia Journal, January 25, 2002
MOSCOW - Directors of the largest Russian television station outside Kremlin control said Monday they could start winding up the company next month, if a last-ditch legal appeal of a court closure order failed.


Everyone Has the Right
Vremya Novostei, January 24, 2002
No one should have a monopoly over the airwaves; and even ownership rights may be restricted to ensure that this is the case. This was the considered conclusion of the Union of Right-WIng Forces (SPS) faction of the Duma, which has discussed the conflict over TV-6. The SPS leader Boris Nemtsov even has a formula for demonopolizing the media industry - which he has already shared with President Vladimir Putin.


TV-6 team founds new legal entity
RosBusinessConsulting, January 24, 2002
MOSCOW - OOO TV-6 has been registered in the Moscow Registration Chamber, reported TV-6 spokeswoman Tatyana Blinova.


Temporary Friendship or Eternal Union?
Obschaya Gazeta, January 24, 2002
Our party has from the outset ultimately backed the position expressed by President Vladimir Putin in his television address to the nation on September 11, 2001, - solidarity with the US in the fight against international terrorism, a course towards rapprochement with the West and the establishment of a partnership and preferably an alliance.


Alexei Arbatov on the proposal to punish the relatives of terrorists
Ekho Moskvi radio station, January 23, 2002
'Anchor: News from the Duma: the Duma has drafted a law that has engendered many disputes...'


Vladimir Lukin, member of the Yabloko faction, on halting the broadcasting of TV-6
NTV.RU, January 23, 2002
"For the first time since Brezhnev's period I have a feeling of constant and lasting shame for my country." This was the reaction of the Deputy Speaker of the State Duma and member of the Yabloko faction Vladimir Lukin to the closure of the TV-6 television channel. Lukin expressed his opinion on the Ekho Moskvi radio station.


Deputy of the State Duma Valery Ostanin: Liquidation of TV-6 is not a dispute between economic subjects, it is the manifestation of political will at the top
RosBusinessConsulting, January 23, 2002
Liquidation of TV-6 is not a dispute between economic subjects, this is manifestation of thepolitical will at the top. 


Putin snipes at Berezovsky in media row
Reuters , January 23, 2002
MOSCOW - President Vladimir Putin appears determined to rid Russian television of the influence of powerful exiled tycoons - even at the risk of damaging his diplomatic credentials with the West.


Closure of TV6 sparks wide concern
Reuters , January 23, 2002
MOSCOW - Russia abruptly pulled the plug on its only nationwide independent television station on Tuesday, giving the Kremlin a monopoly of the airwaves for the first time since the Soviet era and sparking international concern.


All-sports replaces TV6 broadcasting
Associated Press, January 22, 2002
MOSCOW - Russia's TV6 broadcasting was replaced by all-sports news programming Tuesday, hours after authorities took TV6, the last independent, national station, off the air.


TV6 Case Sets a Bad Example
The Moscow Times, January 15, 2002
The liquidation of TV6 is not, as much of the Western media insists on describing it, the end of independent national television in Russia. TV6 is independent of the government, but it is controlled by Boris Berezovsky, who openly acknowledges that it is politics, not business, that drives his interest in the television station.


TV6 Team Asks to Stay on the Air By Robin Munro Staff Writer
The Moscow Times, January 15, 2002
The management of TV6 made a proposal Monday that it hopes will allow it to preserve its journalistic team and continue running the television station, which a court last week ordered closed. TV6 management wrote a letter to Press Minister Mikhail Lesin giving up the station's broadcasting licence so it could form a new company in time to bid for the license when a tender is held in April. In the meantime, it asked to be allowed to continue broadcasting.


Media Freedom Discussed in Russia
Associated Press, January 14, 2002

MOSCOW (AP) - Russia's top broadcasting official said Monday that his office is working on bidding procedures for the broadcast license held by TV6, the independent TV station that lost a legal battle to prevent its closure.


Russian Authorities Mull TV6 License
Associated Press, January 14, 2002
MOSCOW (AP) - Russia's top broadcasting official said Monday that his office is working on bidding procedures for the broadcast license held by TV6, the independent TV station that lost a legal battle to prevent its closure.


TV6 Ruling Angers Liberal Politicians
The Moscow Times, January 14, 2002
A number of prominent politicians lashed out at the Higher Arbitration Court's decision Friday to liquidate TV6, calling it a political move that spelled trouble for other independent media.


Lukoil Co. Wants to Buy TV Rights
By ANGELA CHARLTON, Associated Press Writer, January 12, 2002
MOSCOW (AP) - After persuading a court to shut down Russia's largest independent television network, a subsidiary of the country's biggest oil company said Saturday it wants to buy the channel's broadcasting rights.


Russian TV Station Ordered to Close
Associated Press, January 11, 2002
MOSCOW (AP) - A court ordered the closure of the last national television network outside the government's control Friday - a decision prompting concern about media freedom in Russia.


Four Detained During Moscow Rally
Associated Press, January 8, 2002
PMOSCOW (AP) - Four organizers of a demonstration against a journalist's conviction for treason were detained and are due in court Wednesday, Russian media reported.


Nezavisymaya Gazeta, December 29, 2001
The autumn session of the third Duma ended on December 27. It became the place where the president and the Cabinet exploited the capacities of a parliamentary majority to the utmost. This became particularly clear over the last three months, when the Kremlin administration virtually stopped relying mostly on Unity and balanced at the same time between the left and right in the Duma. When this method of controlling the Duma was abandoned, the communists and agrarians found themselves outside virtually all vital parliamentary functions.

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