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Yabloko Offers Alternative Conception of Housing and Communal Reform

January 25, 2002

Moscow. The Russian Democratic Party "Yabloko" and its faction in the State Duma continue advocating a review of the state programme of housing and communal reform.

There is nothing new in suggestions from the Government. Despite all its efforts it can't reject accusations that the housing and communal reform has primarily fiscal purposes, Sergei Mitrokhin, Deputy Chairman of the Russian Democratic Party "Yabloko" and Deputy Chief of the State Duma Committee for local government issues informed journalists. He commented on the results of an expanded Board meeting of "Gosstroy" of Russia with the assistance of Deputy Prime Minister Victor Khristenko concerning housing and communal reform. The meeting was held on January 23.

It is as usual very important for the Government to pass on to 100% payments of public utilities, and as usual there are no guarantees that their quality will improve, - the deputy noted.

He fears that during the housing and communal reform there will be mass breaches of the populationís social rights, and that tariffs will increase 2.5-3 times once payments are passed on in full for public utilities.

"Yabloko" plans to push for adoption by the State Duma of proposed corrections in Article 15 of the Federal Statute "Foundations of Federal Housing Politics". The corrections will be considered at the end of February.

The Press Service of the faction "Yabloko" in the State Duma of the Russian Federation notes that acceptance of the corrections will make it possible:

  1. To protect the housing and communal rights of citizens for the implementation of the reform;
  2. To prioritise structural reorganizations in the housing and communal services system over purely fiscal goals;
  3. To reduce the increase in tariffs on housing and communal services;
  4. To ensure competitionin the activity of communal services;
  5. To guarantee government support for housing owner associations;
  6. To prohibit privatization of the communal services before their demonopolization;
  7. To provide special conditions to carry out the reforms in regions of the Far North.

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RIA "Oreanda", January 25, 2002

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