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The 12th Congress of the Russian Democratic Party YABLOKO

Press releases


Press releases

St.Petersburg's YABLOKO opposes the anti-social reform proposed by the Russian government
Press release, August 2, 2004

On the threashold of the second reading of discussion of the package of laws on the social reform St.Petersburg's branch of YABLOKO jointly with other public and political organisations held a protest action in the Nevskii prospect against the adoption of the government's draft laws.


St. Petersburg's YABLOKO initiates a recall of the deputies of the Duma who supported the draft laws on social reform
Press release, July 29, 2004

On August 2 2004, on the threshold of the second reading of discussion of the package of laws on social reform the St. Petersburg branch of the Russian Democratic Party YABLOKO will hold a protest action against the government's anti-social draft laws that violate basic constitutional rights of the citizens.


The second part of the 12th congress of the Russian Democratic Party YABLOKO will take place on July 3, 2004.
Press release, June 9, 2004

The congress will draw up the results of internal party discussions on making changes to YABLOKO’s charter (a working group specially created by the Bureau of the Federal Council has been functioning for 2.5 months already and conducting seminars). The congress will listen to the reports and elect the leadership of the party, as the term of proxies of all the governing bodies of the party finishes this year.


YABLOKO's leadership sharply criticises the political system built in Russia
Press release, January 16, 2004

...The Russian election system has been transformed into a farce. Key components of the democratic election system are missing: an independent mass media, independent financing and independent court.


Programme resolution of the 12th congress of Russian Democratic Party YABLOKO
The 12th congress of the Russian Democratic Party YABLOKO, July 4, 2004

Russian Democratic Party YABLOKO declares itself as a democratic opposition to the President, the Government and the State Duma and considers as its overall objective a change in the political regime in Russia.


YABLOKO says monetisation of benefits is unjustified.
By Taisia Nikitineko, ITAR-TASS, July 3, 2004

YABLOKO leader Grigory Yavlinsky said the government's decision to monetise benefits was unfounded.
He proposed starting the replacement of benefits with cash payments with the government.
"If the government thinks that cash payments are so useful, why don't they begin with themselves?", he asked.


Yavlinsky: YABLOKO is ready to cooperate with left-wing parties
RIA "Novosti", July 3, 2004

"Yet, there is a borderline - we will never accede to any kind of alliances with those who approve and propagate the methods employed by Stalin, Beria or Lenin," Yavlinsky pointed out.


YABLOKO calls for a single list of democratic candidates in the elections.
By Taisia Nikitineko, ITAR-TASS, July 3, 2004

"We are doing everything possible to ensure that we have a list of united democrats in the next elections," Yavlinsky said.


Grigory Yavlinsky: "I should have been firmer"
By Olga Tropkina, Izvestia, p. 3, July 6, 2004

"We are prepared to unite with everybody - with the right wing and with social democrats, provided that they are not followers of Lenin and Stalin or represent the corporate-criminal structure," Yavlinsky replied.


Yavlinsky Attributes Split To "Black PR"
Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty, July 7, 2004

In a comment on the split, Yabloko leader Grigory Yavlinsky expressed "deep anxiety" about the spreading of the "dirtiest form of political black PR" and its latest victim, the Communist Party, RosBalt reported.


Russian Democratic Party YABLOKO, We are impeding the rapid development of a Potyomkin Village in Russia
Statement, Novaya Gazeta, January 22, 2004

The present developments are such that the YABLOKO party should not participate in the presidential elections. It is impossible to conduct an independent and free election campaign today.


Russian Democratic Party YABLOKO, Bureau of the Federal Council
Statement, January 15, 2004

...The socio-demographic characteristics of the country have been continuously deteriorating. The arbitrary rule of the authorities and police has intensified and aspects of totalitarianism have been revived in Russia.


The Russian Democratic Party YABLOKO, The 12th Congress: Resolution on participation in presidential elections, December 21, 2003


The Russian Democratic Party YABLOKO, The 12th Congress: Resolution about Democratic Coalition, December 21, 2003


Yabloko won't take part in presidential elections
RosBusinessConsulting, December 22, 2003

The Yabloko party will not nominate its candidate for the presidential elections in March 2004, because it believes that, in the present political situation in Russia, fair and equal elections are impossible, Grigory Yavlinsky, the leader of Yabloko, said after the party's congress at the weekend.


Yabloko snubs Putin and elections
By Yelena Rudneva, Gazeta.ru, December 22, 2003

According to Yavlinsky's key-note address to the gathering, Yabloko aims to create a large democratic party ''that will truly unite the democratic opposition for the next four years''. ''We will learn to work outside parliament,'' Yavlinsky told the press after the congress.


Yabloko refuses to back Putin's nomination for presidency.
By Natalya Panshina, ITAR-TASS, December 21, 2003

This amendment was specially included on Sunday in the text of a
decision where the Yabloko congress confirmed that the party would not be participating in the forthcoming presidential elections scheduled for March 2004.


Yabloko to concentrate on local elections for next four years
By Natalya Panshina, ITAR-TASS, December 21, 2003

The Yabloko Party will concentrate on regional and municipal elections for the next four years in order to lay the a foundations for "a big democratic party," Yabloko leader Grigory Yavlinsky told the press during a break of the party congress.


Russian liberals scorn the forthcoming presidential elections
Ekho Moskvy, December 21, 2003

Mitrokhin:...This mass use of the administrative resource, the obvious ballot rigging during the counting of votes, the lack of a free media which could give all candidates equal conditions as well as the lack of any judicial system where something can be proved, transforms the forthcoming presidential elections into a farce.


YABLOKO to boycott 2004 presidential elections
RIA "Novosti", December 21, 2003

"The party will not nominate a presidential candidate," Yavlinsky reported after the Yabloko congress. Previously the Yabloko leader had been nominated for the presidency three times.


YABLOKO congress to discuss election camapign issues
RIA "Novosti", December 20, 2003

The Yabloko party will hold its congress on December 20-21, to define the format of its participation in the presidential elections, a spokesperson for the party's press center told RIA Novosti.


The Union of Right-Wing Forces is afraid that YABLOKO may be siding with the Kremlin
By Anatoly Kostyukov, Nezavisimaya Gazeta, December 19, 2003

Needless to say, the prospect of a boycott frightened the Kremlin - and Yavlinsky may have been summoned in the hope of persuading the YABLOKO leader to abandon a protest action that could jeopardize the necessary voter turnout.


YABLOKO decides not to nominate any candidate for presidency
By Natalya Panshina, ITAR-TASS, December 21, 2003

Yavlinsky stressed that the party's main task for the next four years would be the formation of "a large impressive democratic party" which would operate outside the legislature as "a democratic opposition".

Press releases


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