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St.Petersburg's YABLOKO opposes the anti-social reform proposed by the Russian government

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On the threshold of the second reading of discussion of the package of laws on social reform, St. Petersburg's branch of YABLOKO held jointly with other public and political organizations a protest action on Nevsky prospect against the adoption of the government's draft laws.

The participants of the action gathered over 100 signatures to recall the deputies of the State Duma elected from St. Petersburg who voted in the first reading for the government's package of draft laws, namely: Andrei Benin, Valentina Ivanova, Alexander Morozov, Andrei Shevelyov, Pyotr Schelisch (United Russia faction). "We are calling the citizens of Russia to unite for protection of their rights and recall before the expiry of their term those deputies who voted for the anti-social draft laws of the government which introduces such draft laws and the president who signs them," runs the leaflet handed out during the action. So far the local branches of St. Petersburg YABLOKO have gathered several hundred signatures.

An the beginning of July the 12th Congress of the Russian Democratic Party YABLOKO adopted a resolution "On the Anti-Social Reforms of the Party of the Authorities" on the replacement of benefits in kind with monetary compensations. YABLOKO thinks that the proposed package of draft laws violates the addressee-based principle of providing aid to citizens and insists that more precise calculations should be made.

YABLOKO also thinks that the adoption of such draft laws in their present form, envisaging not only ill-conceived monetization of the benefits, but also the virtual abolition of the minimum wage, the single tariff grid and transfer of payments of children's allowances to the regional budgets means virtual liquidation of a social state.

The YABLOKO party jointly with other organisations holds all over the country protest actions against government's draft laws on the social reform. Mass-scale actions were held in Novgorod, Penza, Ufa, Kirov, Saratov, Tambov, Lipetsk Kaluga, Izhevsk, as well as Tver, Smolensk, Ryazan, Kemerovo and Kursk regions, in the Stavropol Area and the Mari El Republic in July.


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