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RIA "Novosti", December 21, 2003

YABLOKO to boycott 2004 presidential elections

MOSCOW, December 21, 2003. /RIA Novosti/. The Yabloko party will not participate in the presidential elections, said Yabloko leader Grigory Yavlinsky.

"The party will not nominate a presidential candidate," Yavlinsky reported after the Yabloko congress. Previously the Yabloko leader had been nominated for the presidency three times.

The congress lasted two days. A group of deputies intended to include on the agenda a vote of no-confidence in the party leadership, however, most deputies refused to discuss it.

Yabloko lost the State Duma elections. It failed to gain the requisite 5 percent of votes and so wasn't included in the parliament for the first time.

Earlier, Yabloko representatives had announced the possibility of nominating a single presidential candidate together with the Union of Right-Wing Forces headed by Boris Nemtsov, Anatoly Chubais and Irina Khakamada.

The presidential elections will take place in Russia on March 14, 2004.


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RIA "Novosti", December 21, 2003

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