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YABLOKO leader Sergei Mitrokhin: Governor Tkachoyv should be among those suspected in negligence inflicting deaths of people in the flood in South Russia

Press Release

July 22, 2012

YABLOKO leader Sergei Mitrokhin expressed his opinion that regional government officials and Alexander Tkachyov, Governor of the Krasnodar Region and top officials of the regional department of the Ministry of Emergency Situations, should be made liable for the negligence resulting in mass victims during the recent flood in the Krasnodar region.

Today the Investigative Committee has informed about opening a criminal case on mass deaths of people as Article 293 Part 3 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (negligence or neglect of duty resulting in the deaths of over two persons). The suspects are Vasily Krutko, head of the Krymsk Distrcit, Vladimir Ulanovsky, head of Krymsk, and Viktor Zhdonov, head of the local emergency situations department.

On July 7, as soon as the scale of the tragedy became clear, Sergei Mitrokhin made an open address to the Investigative Committee demanding to open criminal in accordance with Article 293 Part 3 of the Criminal Code (negligence and neglect of duty). However, the next day Alexander Bastrykin, head of the Investigative Committee, made a statement on opening a case in accordance with Article 109 Part 3 of the Criminal Code (infliction of deaths of two or more persons by negligence).

In his blog Sergei Mitrokhin analysed the legal acts related to the prevention of emergencies in the Krasnodar region and came to the conclusion that regional authorities did not fulfill the responsibilities entrusted to them by law.

In particular, Governor Alexander Tkachyov did not commission any of his deputies to supervise the implementation of the regulations A system of warning and informing of the public about the threat of emergencies. After publication of the regulations in 2005, the control over its implementation was entrusted to A. Ivanov, however, now there is no such a Deputy Governor with such a name.

In addition, for the past seven years the regional government has not allotted any funds for creation of a system for alerting citizens about emergencies. This should have been made from the regional budget, however, each year, the regulations of 2005 did not contain such a clause. Also since 2005 they have prolonged the regulations of 2005 without including a clause on funding of the system.

In any normal state an official responsible for such criminal negligence would be immediately dismissed. Only in Russia such an official can retain his gubernatorial post for another five years presenting a threat to millions of people living in the region governed by him, Mirokhin wrote in his blog.

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Press Release

July 22, 2012

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