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Mitrokhin demands from Public Prosecutor General to bring to justice the officials responsible for flooding of three villages of the Krymsk district

Press Release

July 16, 2012

YABLOKO leader Sergei Mitrokhin demanded from Yury Chaika, Public Prosecutor General, to bring to justice the officials whose negligence and lack of action led to flooding of three settlements in the Krymsk district. Local residents warned the officials and prosecutors about improper condition of a dam of one water reservoirs, but received no reply. In the night of July 6-7 the dam burst, and the flow of water went to the villages.

On July 9 Mitrokhin along with the activists of the party and the North Caucasus Environmental Watch held a public inspection of the area around Armyansky and Sheptalsky villages and Novoukrainsky town.

These settlements are located a few kilometers from Krymsk, by the Psyzh river. There is a lake in the upper stream of the river. Several years ago a company Private Hunters Club which was renting the lake built a dam there: without any documentation, carelessly by simply ramming down the ground. In the night of July 6-7 the dam burst under the pressure of the water coming from the mountains, the water from the lake overflowed the river bed, and the flow went to the villages.

The villages were flooded, the number of victims was considerably lower than in Krymsk, but housing there is either severely damaged or completely destroyed.

As early as on March 28 E.Andruhovich, resident of Armyansky village, applied to the Department of Natural Resources of the State Environmental Supervision of the Krasnodar Territory. He complained about improper exploitation of the forest lake, which created a threat of flooding of private lands in a flood prone period. A similar application was sent to Public Prosecutor of the Krasnodar Territory.

In a reply dated May 3 the Department of Natural Resources pointed out at the absence of violations in the exploitation of lake. The letter stated that the company renting the lake carried out works on clearing the bowl of the reservoir, restoration of the dam and equipment of the overflow, which provides a balanced discharge of water in the flood period." The officials also indicated that in 2012 the company planned to strengthen the earthen dam with concrete slabs.

On May 25, V.Artemyenko, Deputy Prosecutor of the Krymsk district Prosecutor's Office dismissed Andrukhovych application considering his appeal ungrounded.

There is every reason to believe that violations of the water protection laws in exploitation of the object, as well as refuse of the authorities to respond to the appeal contributed to the catastrophe, runs Mitrokhins statement to Public Prosecutor General.

According to Mitrokhin, a prosecutors audit must be held on the facts the authorities negligence and inaction leading to a catastrophe and those responsible for such negligence must be brought to justice.


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Press Release

July 16, 2012

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