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YABLOKOs Aid Centre for the victims of the flood in the southern Russia keeps working in Krymsk

Press Release

July 10, 2012

Public Aid Centre for the victims of the flood opened by YABLOKOs activists and EcoWatch in the North Caucasus the next day after the flood keeps working in Krymsk. The Centre is situated at Adagumskaya Street 153 in front of the shop Magnit.

Trucks with humanitarian aid arrive here from different cities of the South Russia. For example, today Alexei Mirukov, head of the Anapa branch of YABLOKO, and Victor Krivoshapkin, a civil activist, brought medications and food-stuffs.

A truck carrying a large tent where the Centre will be located is on the way from Novorossiysk. Yet the activists have been working outside day and night. Local government gave neither a tent nor a room to the volunteers.

This morning activists from the United Russia party from Stavropol brought humanitarian aid by a truck with their party symbols. YABLOKO leader Sergei Mitrokhin who is in Krymsk now expressed gratitude to them. I dont any problem in using party symbols Mitrokhin said. We cannot act anonymously as we are responsible for the quality of food and things we are hand out to people.

The activists and heads of all YABLOKOs regional and local branches from Krasnodar, Anapa, Sochi, Tuapse and Novorossiysk are in Krymsk now.

The first truck with humanitarian aid from St.Petersburg collected at the office of St.Petersburg Observers was sent to the Krasnodar area this night. Only for the first day of collection of humanitarian aid 1800 people came to the office of this organisation brining the food-stuffs, clothes and medications for the victims.

The volunteers who are going to help in Krymsk, including unloading of the truck and distributing the packed humanitarian aid among the victims, went to Krymsk together with the first truck. Denis Vasilyev, member of St.Petersburg YABLOKO, is among such volunteers.

Collection of aid for the victims of the flood in Krymsk goes on in St-Petersburg. One of the collection centres is opened at the office of Grigory Yavlinsky and YABLOKO supporters at the address Mozhayskaya 15, tel.: 8-921-700-2664 (Madina) from 8 a.m. to 11:30 p.m.

YABLOKO leader Sergei Mitrokhin arrived in Krymsk yesterday. He and YABLOKO activists brought humanitarian aid to the most affected city districts. In the evening he examined the artificial pond along the Psish river above the Armyansky village in the Krymsk district which was also affected by the flood. The dam of the pond was broken by water, which together with heavy rains resulted in flooding the Armyansky, the Sheptalsky and the Novoukrainsky villages. Thus, the examination proved the concerns of YABLOKO activists that the unfavourable situation with the hydraulic facilities in the Krasnodar Territory added to the catastrophe.

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Press Release

July 10, 2012

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