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Flood victims left without help in Krymsk held a spontaneous rally

Press Release

July 9, 2012

Flood victims left without help in Krymsk are holding a spontaneous rally. People state they may go to extreme measures such as blocking the main street of the city so that to draw attention of the government to their situation.

Such information has been released by YABLOKO leader Sergei Mitrokhin who is now in Krymsk. According to Mitrokhin, it turned out that about 200 residents of the city (from Chernyshevsky and Lunacharsky streets) waiting for help for three days already have not got any help from the authorities, as well as food or fresh water. Their houses are flooded, but water is not pumped out, and since the beginning of disaster they have received no assistance whatsoever from either the administration, or the Emergency Situations Ministry.

Now we will see what we can do for these people, but certainly our capabilities are incomparable with those of the government, Mitrokhin said.

This morning Sergei Mitrokhin arrived in Krymsk with a truck full of humanitarian aid for to the flood victims. The aid will be distributed via the aid center organised by YABLOKO and EkoWatch acitivists close to Adaumskaya street 153 on July 6.

On Sunday, July 8, Coordinating Centre organised by the YABLOKO party for rendering aid to the residents of the affected districts opened in Krasnodar. This centre gets collects different types of material aid (but for financial assistance) which is immediately sent to the Krymsk district and coordinates actions of different activist groups engaged in the public campaign of providing help to the victims of the flood.

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Press Release

July 9, 2012

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