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Three villages in the Krymsk District were flooded due to uncontrolled activities of the Private Hunters Club

Press Release

July 19, 2012

One of the causes trigging flooding of three villages (Armyansky and Sheptalsky villages and Novoukrainsky town) in the Krymsk District was uncontrolled activities of the Private Hunters Club violating safety standards. Such a conclusion was made by experts from the North Caucasus Environmental Watch who together with YABLOKO activists continue their investigation into flooding of the villages on July 6-7.

As the experts found out, in 2009 the Private Hunters Club rented the land in the area and made a large pond in place of Razumniye Lake. The pond was equipped with any safety facilities in case of breaking of the dam. On July 6 after heavy rains the dam was broken and water from the pond flooded Armyansky village. In addition the workers of the Club fenced the forest with a chain wire and staffed it with branches and leaves making additional water reservoirs. The water from these reservoirs added to the flood from the dam.

The residents of the villages were aware of the danger and applied to different state bodies demanding dismantling of the fences and bring the pond into a state that meets the safety requirements, but received no replies. During the fist visit of environmentalists and Sergei Mitrokhin to Armyansky village on July 9, local residents told them that one of the causes of flooding of villages had been the activity of the Club.

On July 14 the activists from the Environmental Watch again visited Armyansky village. Their examination of the site confirmed the information from local residents on the causes of the flood. The water flow from the pond and the rented area was so strong that it even exceeded the flow from the Shids River (despite of the fact that the catchment basin of the latter was considerably larger). This flow had the greatest impact on flooding of one of the streets of the village Zarechnaya street.

However, even a greater flow came to the village from the Psyzh River valley. Local residents told that there was one more pond in the upper stream of the river. The pond was also in disposal of the Private Hunters Club. The dam of the pond burst under the pressure of the water and the flow ran to the Psyzh River valley. Local residents also provided photographs confirming their words.

"There is no doubt that economic activity of the Private Hunters Club played a negative role in the flooding of Armyansky, Sheptalsky and Novoukrainsky villages, noted EcoWatch experts. These villages located in the valley of the Psyzh River are outside the influence of the flood from the Adagum River affecting Krymsk abd Nizhnebakanskaya and Neverdjayevskaya villages. However, these three villages were also serely affected. In addition to destruction and damaging of housing the flood led to human victims there.

On July 16 YABLOKO leader Sergei Mitrokhin demanded from Yury Chaika, Public Prosecutor General, to bring to justice the officials whose negligence and lack of action led to flooding of three settlements in the Krymsk district.

Photographs by Andrei Rudomakha

A ruined house in Teplichnaya street, Armyansky village


A ruined house in Mironova street, Armyansky village


A pond made in place of Razumnoye Lake


A broken dam


The fence making a barrier for the water flow and making an additional water reservoir


Broken dam in the second pond made by the Hunters' Club



More photographs of July 14

Phtographs confirming bursting of the dambs at the ponds


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Press Release

July 19, 2012

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