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Sergei Mitrokhin to President Medvedev: felling of forest in Khimki is fire hazardous

Press Release
August 5, 2010

YABLOKOs leader Sergei Mitrokhin urged Russian President Dmitry Medvedev to establish a moratorium on the felling of forests in the Khimki area "at least until the end of fires and lifting of the of the emergency situation regime in the Moscow region."

The photographs attached to the letter show the signs of fire-hazardous activities in the work of woodcutters and securities protecting them, in particular, a fire they had made in their camp and cans with fuel for chainsaws simply scattered throughout the clearance.

"In spite of the order by the Moscow Region Governor Boris Gromov on limiting access of citizens to forests in the Moscow region, dozens of voluntary assistants to the Teplotekhnik company are supporting felling of the forest and their work can also contribute to fire development, runs the statement.

Mitrokhin also reminded Dmitry Medvedev about a "scandalous fact" lack of documentation on cutting in the Khimki Forest. "Yet the public has not been shown neither a permit for the highway construction nor a statement of the use of forest or a felling permit", writes Sergei Mitrokhin.

In addition, according to Mitrokhin, "the fight for the saving forests from fires is morally incompatible with simultaneous felling of these forests for commercial purposes."


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Press Release
August 5, 2010