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Court ruled out Sergei Mitrokhin guilty of disobeying police orders. YABLOKOs protest action

Press Release
August 3, 2010

Yesterday the court of the first instance ruled out that Sergei Mitrokhin was guilty of disobeying police orders and organization of unsanctioned rally in defence of the Khimki Forest and sentenced to a fine RUR 500.

The courts decision stated that Sergei Mitrokhin organized an unsanctioned rally. When a policeman, according to the courts statement, came up to him, gave his name and politely asked to leave the site of action, Mitrokhin refused to do this disobeying the police.

The court included into the case a video material showing only policemen taking Mitrokhin into the police car. Moreover the video recording had been done from a long distance.

Also the court refused to include into the case the video record of Mitrokhins detention made by YABLOKOs Press Service.

The evidence from the defenders of the Khimki Forest who had witnessed the detention were not taken into consideration. However, the evidence from two policemen was taken into account, moreover they were called uninvolved persons.

Spending this day in Khimki I saw functioning of the judicial-police-prosecution mafia which had been keeping in their tentacles the whole district, Mitrokhin said. The police are lying, courts to believe to these lies and public prosecutors cover all these police actions, he added.

At this moment YABLOKO is picketing by the Criminal Police Department of the Moscow Region protesting against arbitrary rule of the Khimki police. The activists are holding slogans Heads of the Khimki police to trial!, Put an end to arbitrary rule by the Khimki police!

YABLOKO also demands to file a criminal case in accordance with Article 286 of the Criminal Code (abuse of power) against the heads of the Khimki police and the policemen who participated in the dispersing of the meeting and persecutions of the defenders of the Khimki Forest.

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Press Release
August 3, 2010