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YABLOKO conducted a picket in support of Yevgenia Chirikova

Press Release
August 4, 2010


YABLOKOs activists Olga Ushakova and Andrei Lazaryev conducted picketing of the Interior Affairs Department of the Moscow Region where the police took today Yevgenia Chirikova for interrogation. YABLOKOs activists demanded to release the ecologist.

After the end of a press-conference in the Independent Press Centre the police virtually kidnapped Chirikova on the eyes of journalists. Without giving any explanations three policemen from the OMON division (the riot police) twisting her arms took Chirikova to their car (strange, but the car number was ordinary, not one of the special numbers belonging to police) while journalists and ecologists were pushed off with police chains.


YABLOKOs Artur Grokhovsky was present in the police department as Chirikovas defence.

Tomorrow interrogations of the ecologist will continue in the Khimki police. Chirikova has to come there by noon. YABLOKO will continue providing legal aid to Chirikova.


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Press Release
August 4, 2010