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News of the server, February 2000
February 01, 2000


Grigory Yavlinsky: "Russia and Europe need a joint anti-missile umbrella"


February 02, 2000


Yabloko successfully collects signatures to support the presidential candidacy of Grigory Yavlinsky


Yabloko is ready to offer its economic programme to Boris Gromov, Governor of Moscow Region


The leader of Yabloko Grigory Yavlinsky meets the US State Secretary Madelene Albright


February 04, 2000


Yabloko thinks that Russian leadership is applying triple standards to manifestations of nationalism


February 08, 2000


The Yabloko faction will propose raising the issue of the journalist Andrei Babitsky in the Duma


February 09, 2000


“Koziyed” (CO-mmunists, the ZI-rynovsky faction and "Yed-instvo" - the Unity) refuses to discuss the Babitsky issue


Interview of Grigory Yavlinsky on the "Hero of the Day" programme


February 12, 2000


Interview of Grigory Yavlinsky on Sergei Dorenko’s programme


February 15, 2000


Yabloko thinks that the Soviet debt restructuring terms are unfavourable for Russia.


February 16, 2000
February 18, 2000


Yabloko supports the idea of parliamentary hearings on corruption in the RF and US financial structures


February 19, 2000


Grigory Yavlinsky is registered as presidential candidate


Interview of Grigory Yavlinsky on Vesti TV programme


February 27, 2000


The leaders of St Petersburg branches of Yabloko and “Democratic Russia” back Sergei Stepashin in his decision to run for Governor of St. Petersburg


Igor Artemyev is elected Deputy Chairman of the Yabloko faction in the State Duma


Grigory Yavlinsky declares that his views on the Chechen problem differ to those of Vladimir Putin