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Press release, 04.02.2000


Yabloko thinks that Russian leadership is applying triple standards to manifestations of nationalism

The First Deputy Chairman of the Yabloko faction in the State Duma thinks that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the RF is demonstrating three approaches to manifestations of nationalism in the upper echelons of power in different countries: acceptance of Russian nationalism, a reprimand for nationalism in the Baltic states and tolerance of Austrian nationalism.

These were the comments of Vladimir Lukin, Head of the Committee for Foreign Affairs in the State Duma of the first and the second convocations, on the reaction of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the RF to the situation in Austria, where representatives of ultra-right-wing forces were included in the new Cabinet.

On February 4, 2000, the Head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Igor Ivanov, said that Russia was watching closely developments in Austria, but added that final conclusions would be drawn, proceeding from “definite steps” by the Austrian government. According to Vladimir Lukin, the tolerance of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to participation of ultra-right-wing forces in the Austrian government may be attributable to the fact that the Russian leadership has also demonstrated a tendency of consolidating the positions of nationalistic forces here.

Their position has been strengthened even more following the “emergence on the international arena of the loud brown clowns speaking on behalf of Russia”, said Vladimir Lukin.

Lukin also drew attention to the fact that the situation in Austria arouses one's fears. Lukin noted: “The fact that parties with strong elements of neo-fascism have come to power, their hostility towards people from other nations and nostalgia for classic fascism contradicts the norms of European democracy and should be condemned by the international community."