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Yabloko and the 'Parties of Power'
Press Releases and Publications

The third action of Vladimir Putin supporters in front of the Krasnodar YABLOKO office is marked by burning effigies of Sergei Mitrokhin, Evgenia Chirikova and Alexei Navalny

Press Release, Video, December 6, 2012.

On December 4, 2012, the third action of Vladimir Putin supporters took place in front of the Krasnodar office of the YABLOKO party. The action was organised by the Social Justice public organisation uniting Vladimir Putin supporters. The participants of the action burned the effigies of Sergei Mitrokhin, Evgenia Chirikova and Alexei Navalny.

About 50 people participated in the ‘puting’ (a word coined of two words - “Putin” and “meeting” - and meaning a loud action in support of Vladimir Putin). Most of them were elderly people. They stated that “YABLOKO was trying to destroy Russia”, and that “YABLOKO was fungus and moldiness parasiting on Russia’s healthy body”...

Stop discrediting Russia!

Statement by YABLOKO Chairman, November 22, 2012.

The campaign of mobbing of renowned human rights organisations - the "Memorial", Transparency International, the Moscow Helsinki Group, the Foundation for Economic and Legal Development USRF and "For Human Rights" movement - unleashed by pro-Kremlin youth movements is unlawful and immoral.

Similar actions are taken in respect of the YABLOKO party. On November 19 a second rally by the pro-Putin organisation called "Social Justice" was held by the Krasnodar office of the YABOKO party. Vladimir Putin’s supporters try to make our party to "publicly apologize for the insulting leaflets against the elected President"...

A second action in support of Vladimir Putin takes place in front the Krasnodar office of the YABLOKO party

Press Service by the Krasnodar branch of YABLOKO, Videos, November 21, 2012.

On November 19, a rally of public non-governmental organisation Social Justice (supporting Vladimir Putin) took place in front of the in front the Krasnodar office of the YABLOKO party.
The organizers of the rally tried to make the Krasnodar YABLOKO "publicly apologize for the insulting leaflets against the elected President".

This is already the second action against YABLOKO organised by Krasnodar supporters of Vladimir Putin. The first action in a form of a pocket was held in front of the office of the Krasnodar branch of YABLOKO on November 1. The pro-Putin rally gathered about 50 participants who carried slogans "The Krasnodar Territory supports Putin" and "Social justice." The overwhelming majority of the participants were elderly women. Several supervisors registered those who came to the rally so that to give them remuneration for participation in the rally...

YABLOKO activists, in turn, spread among the protesters different materials about Putin, including the booklet "The Black Sea Palaces and Their Hosts" and "Life of the Galley Slave" and other booklets (‘anti-government’ from the point of the view of the organizers of the rally). The booklets went like hotcakes, despite of active counteraction of the organizers who tried to snatch the booklets from the hands of their own activists. But the participants of the pro-Putin rally turned out to be interested in alternative information about Putin and carried away about 100 "anti-government’s" booklets...

Our party is democratic and anti-oligarchic

Sergei Mitrokhin’s intrerview to Moskovsky Komsomolets
May 3, 2011

Question: What is happening with YABLOKO, why has it not had any success either in the regional or the federal elections?

Sergei Mitrokhin: Do we have elections in our country? You remember October 2009 in Moscow. At the polling stations where Putin, Medvedev, and Luzhkov voted, YABLOKO got 15-17%. While in places where I voted with my family we got zero. Why? In the places where the bosses voted, no-one dared to falsify anything. Only islands for free elections remain today - due to oversights, because although we have an authoritarian regime it is not very tough. In places where we manage to ensure a fair count of the votes, we get what we are due. In Sebezhsky district in Pskov Oblast - 20.6% of the vote and second place after United Russia. In Kolchuginsky district Vladimir Oblast - more than 20%, second place after the LDPR (Liberal Democratic Party of Russia), but the head of our list was elected head of the district...

Bashkirian YABLOKO participated in the 1st of May demonstration and a rally

Press Release of the Bashkirian branch of YABLOKO, May 3, 2011.

On May 1 the Bashkirian branch of YABLOKO together with a number of public organisations of the Republic of Bashkortastan conducted a demonstration and a rally in protection of civil and social rights of the citizens. Over 1,000 people participated in the action.

The participants of the demonstration marched along the main street of Ufa. The slogans of the demonstration were “High Time to Change the Authorities”, “Head of Ufa Administration to Dismissal”, “We Are for Self-Government”, “United Russia [party] Means Deceit, Crime and Corruption”, etc...

The 1st of May Democratic March demanding dismissal of the Governor and elections of executive authorities took place in St.Petersburg

Press Service of St.Petersburg YABLOKO, May 3, 2011.

The 1st of May Democratic March demanding dismissal of Governor Valentina Matviyenko and elections of executive authorities took place in St.Petersburg. The participants marched along the main streets of the city and then conducted a rally. About 500 people came to the march. The participants held banners “Democratic March” and “Matviyenko to Dismissal”. A large number of police, several coaches of riot police (OMON) and a police helicopter followed the demonstration...

Rally under the slogans "Down with the party of thieves" and "We want changes" held in Barnaul

Press Release, April 25, 2011.

On April 24 a rally against the ruling United Russia party under the slogans "We want changes" and "Down with the party of thieves" was held in Barnaul, the Altai Territory. Activists from the regional offices of the YABLOKO party, the Communist Party, the Party of People’s Freedom and the Russian People's Democratic Union participated in the action...

A picket for resignation of Vladimir Putin took place in Ulyanovsk

Press Release, March 29, 2011.

A picket for resignation of Prime Minister Vladimir Putin took place in Ulyanovsk on March 26, 2011. The picket was organised by YABLOKO. Other slogans of the actions were against the monopoly on power by the ruling United Russia party leading to arbitrary rule of bureaucracy, lawlessness for the citizens and degradation of the economy...

A rally against the ruling United Russia party took place in Izhevsk

Press Release, March 19, 2011.

1,200 people participated in a rally against the ruling United Russia party in Izhevsk, Udmurtia. The rally was organised by the YABLOKO party in the central square of the city...

According to Mitrokhin, all these types of theft originate from stealing of votes at elections, where United Russia even does not conceal its stuffing in of fraudulent ballots or the so-called carousels [organizing commuting coaches to bring special people to put fraudulent ballots in favour of this party].

“However, the fault here lies on us, rather than on the United Russia party, because, it is us who allow to do all this to us and seems that we do not have self-respect as a nation,” Mitrokhin added...

Open letter to Vladimir Vasilyev, Chair of the State Duma Security Committee

February 9, 2011.

The recent events have clearly shown that, despite substantial differences in the views, all the Russian parties and public movements should be in constant and active dialogue with each other so that to develop common approaches addressing the issues relevant to all citizens of the country.

The prime issue is the security of citizens. The present formats for discussion of these issues, both closed and public, leave much to be desired and do not contribute to mutual understanding between different people for development of much-needed common approaches.

We proposed to conduct a meeting with participation of senior representatives of the United Russia party as the party that has the maximum impact on political decisions and bearing ultimate responsibility for them...

The ruling United Russia party had to listen to ten minutes of accusations in the State Duma

ria.ru, December 10, 2010

...Mitrokhin stormed at the United Russia with criticism which hurt the ruling party. “The country has seen discrediting of the institute of elections, elimination of political competition, turning of division of authorities into sham and abrupt restriction of the freedom of the press. Monopoly of one party representing the interests of bureaucrats and large oligarchic business associated with it was set in the executive power bodies and parliaments of all levels,” Mitrokhin said.

Other non-parliamentary parties decided not to further sharpen the situation and made mild speeches “partially, wholly and fully” supporting the course towards the victory and triumph of democracy...

Public organisations and political parties of Kaliningrad join in a coalition

Press Release. March 4, 2010

On March 3 during the second meeting of the Coordination Council leaders of political parties and public organisations and movements functioning in the Kaliningrad region signed a joint document on creation of a coalition targeted at stopping the monopoly of the progovernmental United Russia party in the Kaliningrad region.

A press-conference of the new coalition will take place in the Regional Duma on March 5 at 1 p.m. The participants will present the text of the agreement opened for all the parties and organisations sharing this platform and will also answer the journalists’ questions.

YABLOKO participated in a rally under the slogan “United Russia Must Leave!”

Press Release, December 13, 2009

A coalition of parties and movements in the Kaliningrad region expressed their dissatisfaction with the work of the Governor of the Kaliningrad Region.

The Constitution Day of December 12 was marked by a rally which gathered 5,000 people. The participants of the rally expressed their negative attitude to the policies of the ruling party and the leaders of the region and of the Russian Federation.

The trigger for public dissatisfaction was raising of the transport tax adopted by the regional parliament. It was an unprecented mass-scale action in the centre of Kaliningrad. All the parties and movements in of the region – the CPRF, Just Russia, the LDPR, YABLOKO, Solidarity, Patriots of Russia, Spravedlivost (Justice) and other – joined in the rally against the progovernmental United Russia party.

Nikolai Rybakov asks to conduct an audit how Governor of St.Petersburg Valentina Matviyenko could be elected to the Supreme Council of the United Russia party

Press release, November 24, 2009

Deputy Chairman of St.Petersburg YABLOKO branch Nikolai Rybakov applied to Public Prosecutor General Yuri Chaika and Minister of Justice Alexander Konovalov in connection with election of Governor of St.Petersburg Valentina Matviyenko to the Supreme Council of the United Russia party.

According to Rybakov, Valentina Matviyenko joined United Russia only on November 20, 2009, and could not be elected to the Supreme Council of this party, as in accordance with item 7.3.2 of the By-laws of this party, Council members should have party record of at least one year to be elected into the Council...

United Russia congress took place in St.Petersburg in the past weekend. The congress elected St.Petersburg Governor Valentina Matviyenko (who had joined United Russia a day before the congress) to the Supreme Council of this party.

Pro-governmentl factions deprived Russian science of tax breaks
Press release, October 8, 2003

"The decision of the Duma majority subordinated to the government is also shameful, as yesterday two Russian scientists obtained the Nobel Prize for Physics," stressed Shishlov.


Alexei Melnikov assesses the action of the movement "Going Forward Together" as a "shameful event"

Press Release May 8, 2001

A deputy of the Yabloko faction of the State Duma Alexei Melnikov criticised the action to support the President of Russia Vladimir Putin conducted by the "Going Forward Together" on Monday May 7 2001.


United Russia determined its ideology

By Galina Mikhalyova, Executive Secretary of YABLOKO’s Political Committee
kommentarii.ru, November 25, 2009

The congress of the United Russia party resembles the congresses of the communist party of the Soviet Union of the Brezhnev’s stagnation period, the present United Russia congress lacked only young pioneers saluting their elder comrades and the statue of the Lenin. The key thing which is common between the two congresses is their absurdity, an obvious discrepancy between the declared goals and the reality. The [proclaimed] “conservative modernisation” ideologeme is something like “dry water”...

The Liberal Opposition Under Authoritarianism

By Galina Mikhalyova, Executive Secretary of YABLOKO’s Political Committee
Special for YABLOKO’s web-site , November 17, 2009

The logics of the development of a "fake democracy," i.e. an authoritarian state with a formal presence of democratic institutions, relates to deconsolidation of democratic institutions and their delegitimisation in public opinion. Election results become predictable in general and are, in principle, not changeable. The ruling group creates a system of shielding mechanisms and includes a propaganda machine so that to strengthen its position. This results in reprisals of the people who represent real or potential (even insignificant) danger for the ruling system. To ensure compliance of representatives of the political and business elite, the authorities organize "staged" reprisals and create external and internal enemies to justify for such actions. Such actions are authorised by a state controlled judicial authority. At the same time, blocking legitimate ways of regime change leads to intensified latent conflicts and an increased pressure on a society and stimulates emergence of still very weak forms of resistance.

People's Deputies: in the Hall and at Home
By Irina Gordiyenko, Novaya Gazeta, April 7, 2003

Recently the State Duma rejected the draft address to the President of Russia to repeal certain provisions of the housing and communal service sector reform and finalise the draft for wage system reform. Strangely enough, many factions that had protested against the "criminal policies of the regime", simply sabotaged this important vote.


The meeting at Vassilievsky Spusk was organised by the Going Forward Together movement distributing free pagers to its members and providing them with free railway tickets including those to resorts in the Crimea

polit.ru May 8, 2001

Yesterday 7,000 young people (according to data of the Interior Ministry), and not 15,000 (as previously announced by RIA Novosti corespondents from the meeting) gathered at Vassilievskiy Spusk [by the Kremlin] to celebrate the first year's inauguration of Vladimir Putin.

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