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YABLOKO participated in a rally under the slogan УUnited Russia Must Leave!Ф

Press Release
December 13, 2009

A coalition of parties and movements in the Kaliningrad region expressed their dissatisfaction with the work of the Governor of the Kaliningrad Region.

The Constitution Day of December 12 was marked by a rally which gathered 5,000 people. The participants of the rally expressed their negative attitude to the policies of the ruling party and the leaders of the region and of the Russian Federation.

The trigger for public dissatisfaction was raising of the transport tax adopted by the regional parliament. It was an unprecented mass-scale action in the centre of Kaliningrad. All the parties and movements in of the region Ц the CPRF, Just Russia, the LDPR, YABLOKO, Solidarity, Patriots of Russia, Spravedlivost (Justice) and other Ц joined in the rally against the progovernmental United Russia party.

УNo to the United Russia!Ф, УNo to PutinТs Programme!Ф Ц these were the most frequent slogans at the rally. The rally demonstrated consolidation of the regional community to decisive actions so that to restore their right to solve important issues of their land.

The leader of the movement of Kaliningrad region entrepreneurs Igor Kagantsev called to joint efforts against arbitrary rule of the United Russia. This was virtually the first time that entrepreneurs put forward political demands, as earlier entrepreneurs had tried to avoid political slogans in their actions. According to Vasily Kovalchuk, Chair of Kaliningrad branch of YABLOKO, the arbitrary rule of the bureaucracy pushed people to more decisive actions.

One of the most important items of the resolution adopted by the rally was a decision to create a coordination intra-party council for recalling deputies from the United Russia party from the regional parliament.

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Press Release

December 13, 2009