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Alexei Melnikov assesses the action of the movement "Going Forward Together" as a "shameful event"

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A deputy of the Yabloko faction of the State Duma Alexei Melnikov criticised the action to support the President of Russia Vladimir Putin conducted by the "Going Forward Together" on Monday May 7 2001.

In an interview with journalists Melnikov said: "You had the feeling about this meeting that it had taken place somewhere in Pyongyang, rather than Moscow, and that they supported Kim Jong Il bearing T-shirts with the photo of the leader, rather than Putin." According to Melnikov this event was reminiscent of the "voluntary-mandatory participation of students in demonstrations during Soviet times".

Melnikov thinks that such an action does not add to the "renown" of the President. He also said that there is no doubt that the "Going Forward Together" organisation had been built in the same manner as Unity, i.e. from the top." Melnikov also called this meeting a "shameful event which without doubt cost a lot of money".

Based on Interfax reports.
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