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YABLOKO activists conducted pickets resignation of Governor of the Krasnodar Territory Alexander Tkachyov

Press Release

August 3, 2012

Today YABLOKO activists conducted a series of pickets for the resignation of Alexander Tkachyov, Governor of the Krasnodar Territory. The action was held by the Permanent Mission of the Krasnodar Territory in Moscow.

YABLOKO activists were standing in turn by the Mission with slogans Tkachyov, go!

After the tragic flood in Krymsk, [South Russia], Tkachyov have to resign. The liability for the failure to alert the residents of the coming flood lies directly on the government of the Krasnodar Territory. I am ready to stand here 24 hours a day until Tkachyov leaves post, told Sergei Sokolov, participant of the action and the deputy of Municipal Council Konkovo.

None of the staff of the Mission came to talk to the picketers. Only 40 minutes after the beginning of the action a police car stopped by the picketers. A police officer asked the activists how long they were going to stand there. After getting their answer as long as necessary the policeman got into the car and began calling up someone. Ten minutes later the police car left the place of the action.

I think that people need a different Governor and a different regional government that will take care of their interests, lives and property, rather than some other things. I think this is a common problem, because the authorities are unelected and irremovable, noted Grigory Semyonov, a picketer and deputy of Municipal Council Cheryomushky.

YABLOKO has been demanding resignation of Governor Tkachyov. Tkachyovs governing was marked by unauthorized seizure of forest lands and reprisals against environmentalists. YABLOKOs independent investigation into the causes of the tragic flood in Krymsk demonstrated that much of the responsibility for such a large number of victims was on the regional government. YABLOKO leader Sergei Mitrokhin noted at a recent press conference that Alexander Tkachyov and his deputies should be included into the circle of suspects in the Krymsk case.

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Press Release

August 3, 2012

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