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Vladimir Lukin

Deputy Chairman of the Yabloko Association
Deputy Speaker of the State Duma of the Russian Federation

Vladimir Lukin
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Born July 13,1937, in the city of Omsk. Parents were repressed immediately after his birth. Brought up by relatives.

1959 graduated from the Historical Faculty of the Lenins State Pedagogical Institute, Moscow. Doctor of Philosophy. Awarded the Badge of Honour order. Proficient in English, French and Spanish. Married, with two sons and a grandson.

1959-1961 researcher at the USSR State Historical Museum and USSR Revolution Museum.

1961-1964 postgraduate at the Institute of the World Economy and International Relations (IWEIR) of the USSR Academy of Sciences.

1964-1965 researcher at the IWEIR.

1965-1968 senior reviewer of the Czechoslovakian journal Problems of
Peace and Socialism, Prague.

1968-1987 head of the Chair of Far Eastern Policy at the Institute of the USA and Canada of the USSR Academy of Sciences.

1987-1989 head of the Department of Pacific Ocean States and South-East Asia at the USSR Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA).

1989 head of the Chair of the Department for Evaluating and Planning of the MFA.

1989-1990 head of the Group for Analysis and Forecasting attached to the Secretariat of the USSR Supreme Soviet.

1990 elected Deputy of the RSFSR at the 9 Podolsky district (Moscow
Region) from the Democratic Russia bloc. Worked as a member of the Constitutional Commission.

June 1990 head of the Committee of the RSFSR Supreme Soviet for International Affairs. Participated in the drafting of new treaties with former Soviet republics.

February 1992 September 1993 Russian Ambassador to the USA.

From May1992 standing supervisor of Russian Federation in the Pan American

1993 headed, along with G. Yavlinsky and Y. Boldyrev, the Yabloko electoral association. Joining Yabloko faction after winning election. Headed the Committee for the International Affairs of the State Duma of the Russian Federation.

On December 1995, elected Deputy of the State Duma of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation of the third convocation at the federal electoral district (Yabloko list). Head of the State Duma Committee for International Affairs.

On December 19, 1999, elected Deputy of the State Duma of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation of the third convocation on the federal electoral district (Yabloko list).

Member of the State Duma Committee for Public Associations and Religious Organisations. Head of the Committee on Social Policy of the Yabloko Faction. Deputy Speaker of the State Duma.

Publications and translations
Publications in Russian see at http://www.yabloko.ru/Persons/lukin.htm#

Illegal Immigrants May Receive Amnesty
Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty, September 21, 2004

According to Lukin, an amnesty would reduce opportunities for corruption among bureaucrats and would increase tax revenues from longtime residents.

Russian Who Killed Chechen May Get a Pardon
By Sophia Kishkovsky, The New York Times, September 18, 2004

Vladimir Lukin, Russia's human rights ombudsman, told Interfax by telephone from Athens that he would recommend that Mr. Putin be cautious about approving the pardon.

Human rights commissioner against pardoning Budanov
Interfax, September 17, 2004

"I can say only one thing on this account. Naturally, as human rights commissioner, I am inclined to humane solutions on any issues. And if a person repents his wrongdoing and truly changes, he has to be pardoned..."

Human Rights Ombudsman Urges Moderation in Response to Beslan Crisis
Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty, September 13, 2004

Lukin compared the atmosphere in Russia today with what happened in the United States following the 11 September 2001 terrorist attacks.

Russian Ombudsman Blasts Pretrial Detention Centers
MosNews, August 13, 2004

Russia's ombudsman Vladimir Lukin has denounced the nation’s pretrial detention system whereby a suspect can spend months — even years — in a pre-trial detention center before being convicted, like the former Yukos head, Mikhail Khodorkovsky.

Nationalism Rising
By Valery Vyzhutovich, The Moscow News, No 28, 2004

In late June, Vladimir Lukin, the RF plenipotentiary on human rights, visited Voronezh. The ombudsman's interest in the region that has recently seen a marked rise in nationalism sentiments is quite natural.

Vladimir Lukin: "Paragraphs of the Russian laws are completely unequivocal. The problem is that these paragraphs are poorly enforced"
By Boris Vishnevsky, Novaya Gazeta, July 15, 2004

Human Rights Ombudsman Vladimir Lukin celebrated his birthday on Tuesday in St. Petersburg. The main goal of his visit, Lukin said, was to meet the colleagues of the late Nikolai Girenko. He also found time to meet Valentina Matvienko and talk to journalists.

Rate of Unsolved Crimes in Russia Rises - HR Ombudsman
MosNews, June 16, 2004

Russian Human Rights Commissioner Vladimir Lukin has expressed concern over the rising rate of unsolved crimes in Russia and complaints against the law enforcement agencies' actions in relation to detained suspects, Interfax news agency reported.

YABLOKO created a Committee for the Protection of Muscovites to defend the interests of the residents of the city in city construction
Finmarket News, June 16, 2004

The goal of the Committee is to unite over 200 different groups currently standing for their rights in Moscow into a single powerful organisation protecting the rights of Muscovites in city construction and facilitating the creation of favourable living conditions for the residents of Moscow. Deputy Chairman of the Russian Democratic Party YABLOKO Sergei Mitrokhin was elected Chairman of the Committee.

The Interior Ministry Is the Major Infringer
By Alexander Kolesnichenko, Noviye Izvestia, June 17, 2004

Lukin attributes police brutality to the low level of crime-solving. Around 43% of registered crimes (including 20% of first-degree murders) remained unsolved across Russia last year. And 42% of murders in Moscow were not solved. In addition 130,000 cases were closed last year because of the statute of limitations, but the criminals were never found.

Vladimir Lukin: "Violations of human rights remain an acute problem for Russia"
RIA Novosti, June 16, 2004

Five criminal cases have been opened over the past few months on human rights violations committed by policemen and prosecutor's office officials, Vladimir Lukin, Human Rights Commissioner in Russia told a press conference at the RIA Novosti news agency on Wednesday.

On June 15 the general assembly of the representatives of the initiative groups fighting against unlawful building in Moscow adopted a decision to create a Committee for the Protection of Muscovites.
Press release, June 16, 2004

The goal of the Committee is to unite over 200 different groups currently standing for their rights in Moscow into a single powerful organisation protecting the rights of Muscovites in city construction and facilitating the creation of favourable living conditions for the residents of Moscow.

The meeting of the Russian Ombudsman Vladimir Lukin with representatives of the initiative groups of the Muscovites protesting against unlawful construction in the capital.
Press release, June 9, 2004

The meeting of the Russian Ombudsman Vladimir Lukin with representatives of the initiative groups of the Muscovites protesting against unlawful construction in the capital took place on June 9, 2004

Russia should abide by ruling on Gusinsky - ombudsman
interfax.ru, May 21, 2004

"We should treat the European court's ruling simply: the European court has issued this ruling and we need to carry it out," Lukin said at a news conference in the Interfax main office on Friday.

Russian HR Ombudsman Voices Concern Over Protests in Prisons
MosNews.com, April 28, 2004

Russian Human Rights Commissioner, Vladimir Lukin, sent telegrams to the Prosecutor General, Minister of Justice and Prosecutor of Chelyabinsk region in Urals, calling on them to investigate the situation in local prisons.

Russia's New Ombudsman Reports More Abuses in Chechnya
MosNews.com, April 26, 2004

"But there is a worry that there are new types of rights abuses on both sides, and on a third side, by which I mean units under Chechen President (Akhmad) Kadyrov," Lukin said. "These abuses are more specific in nature and difficult to verify from Moscow."

The Victim Is Right Now
By Vladimir Lukin, Rossiyskaya Gazeta, April 13, 2004

The rights of the victims, including the right to obtain legal aid, are guaranteed by the Constitution of the Russian Federation and are recognised under universal principles and norms of the international law.

Lukin Does Not Want to Begin with "Horrors"
By Kira Latukhina, Nezavisimaya Gazeta, April 9, 2004

I agree that workers of the interior should be paid a dignified wage. But this is only one of many factors. They should also have self-respect and a legal culture. Then the citizens would look at them differently and follow their example.

Ombudsman Will Help the Novoye Vremya Magazine
Korpunkt.ru, March 25, 2004

"I aim to do all I can to ensure that this magazine which is the face of Moscow is published again."

Press Conference with Russian Ombudsman Vladimir Lukin
RIA Novosti, March 25, 2004

My chief impression from one month of work is that in the country a serious and logical system should be established for out- of-court legal defense.

On the Situation in Kosovo
Declaration of the Ombudsman of the Russian Federation Vladimir Lukin, IA Regnum, March 23, 2004

Every time the lofty idea of protecting the rights of one people becomes the source of the violation of the rights of another people.

Russian Ombudsman Urges Extrajudicial Protection for Russian Residents
RIA "Novosti", March 25, 2004
Lukin also advocated the establishment of a "single human rights zone in Russia." He recalled that todate human rights ombudsmen worked in as few as 27 of the 89 Russian regions. Vladimir Lukin believes that it is necessary to complete the process.

Societys Advocate Before the State Vladimir Lukin: I'm not quarrelling with the authorities, I intend to make them abolish unlawful decisions
Novaya Gazeta, No 19, March, 2004
Interview with Vladimir Lukin by Irina Gordiyenko
Everything depends on your staff. Russia has learned this too well. When the democrats (YABLOKO and SPS) failed to get into the Duma, Vladimir Putin promised that their ideas and staff would be in demand. And really, thanks to Putins backing many YABLOKO members began entering different power structures. And Putin proposed one of the founders of the YABLOKO party Vladimir Lukin for the post of ombudsman.

Every Region Should Have Its Ombudsman
Vladimir Lukin promised to fight against the "terrible arbitrary rule of the law and enforcement agencies"
By Kira Latukhina
Nezavisimaya Gazeta, March, 18
Yesterday 25 Russian ombudsmen headed by the new Ombudsman of Russia Vladimir Lukin left for the meeting with the PACE Human Rights Commissioner Alvaro Gil-Robles in Strasbourg. Before the trip Lukin held a working meeting for his colleagues from the regions where press and representatives from the Presidential Administration were invited. This was the first public appearance of the former Deputy Speaker of the State Duma in his new post.

Ombudsman Prepared to Fight
Interview with Vladimir Lukin by Valery Vyzhutovich, Moscow News, February 25, 2004

An ombudsman that is unduly admired by the ruling authorities is a bad ombudsman: This means that instead of defending citizens' rights, he simply goes through the motions. This is definitely what I am not going to do. The ombudsman is duty bound to tread on the authorities' pet corns.

Interview with Ombudsman Vladimir Lukin
Anchor - Natella Boltyanskaya, Ekho Moskvi, February 13, 2004-02-16

You know, Bismark said: "A Russian muzhik harnesses his horse slowly, but rides fast." It may be bad but it is better than the other way round, I mean the prospect of riding fast without harnessing the horse.

A Human for Rights. Vladimir Lukin will become the new ombudsman
By Viktor Khamrayev, Kommersant, February 12, 2004

Lukin himself, the Kremlin's candidate, who had a personal audience with the president a week ago, has declined to comment. Other Yabloko functionaries were not so reticent.

Authoritarianism and Its Discontents
By Alexander Lukin, Moscow Times, February 12, 2004

Polls conducted both before and after the election revealed that voters had grown tired of big talk and bigger upheavals, and that they were prepared to partially sacrifice the right to choose their leaders to whomever held out the promise of stability.

New HR ombudsman recruited form liberals
By Ksenia Solyanskaya, Gazeta.ru, February 11, 2004

Earlier Putin pledged that the authorities would not ignore the potential of liberals who failed to win seats to the State Duma in December’s parliamentary polls. Lukin is the first Yabloko member to be given a job by the president.

The State Duma will consider the candidacy of Vladimir Lukin as ombudsman
Press release, February 11, 2004

"Vladimir Petrovich Lukin is one of the founders and prominent figures of our party, and we think that he will be able to do a great deal in this important constitutional post," said Ivanenko in an interview with journalists.

Regarding President's proposal to appoint Vladimir Lukin as ombudsman in the RF
Comment by Grigory Yavlinsky, www.yavlinsky.ru, February 11, 2004

"Vladimir Petrovich Lukin is a deserving man and a well-known politician. It is highly likely that he will be elected human rights ombudsman," said YABLOKO's leader Grigory Yalinsky, commenting on the President's submission of a proposal to the State Duma to appoint Vladimir Lukin as ombudsman in the RF.

Deputy Speaker of the Duma advises Georgia not to pursue pro-US policy
ITAR-TASS, December 4, 2003

"The situation that has developed in Georgia is such that only Russia can provide active assistance in uniting the country," stressed Lukin.

Vladimir Lukin: A merger between Russian and foreign companies during Russia's integration into the world economy is inevitable
FMBusiness, October 20, 2003

"When a new partner appears the world arena, problems always occur: there is always some inferiority complex, there are always problems with existing market proportions, money flows and the system of current personal relations - this problem should somehow be transformed and changed. I think this is just a matter of time," said Lukin.

YABLOKO's Congress discusses the electoral programme of the party
Press release, September 7, 2003

On Saturday YABLOKO members voted for the list of candidates for the federal and regional lists, as well as a list for single-mandate electoral districts proposed by the party for the parliamentary elections.

YABLOKO: there will be no alliance with the CPRF
Lenta.ru, May 29, 2003

Lukin also called the billboards that appeared in Moscow streets and picture YABLOKO with a sickle and hammer under a slogan "We Are Together" a provocation and 'black PR'.

Vladimir Lukin: "We Are Not Inferior To Others. We Have A Distinct History"
By Nairi Hovsepyan, Novoye Vremya (New Times), May 2003

You know that revolution has a dual nature. It is not only a bloody, dramatic and romantic upheaval linked with symbolic actions, often destructive. It is also a renewal of society when each cell begins to live in a new way.

Vice Speaker of the State Duma Vladimir Lukin proposes the introduction of a visa-free regime for Russian and European students
Press release, May 20, 2003.

He also noted that YABLOKO is the European party that has consistently supported the idea of liberating Russian citizens from visa barriers on trips to Central and Western Europe.

Vladimir Lukin: "We have to summon up our strength and win, as you do in a game of preference."
By Marina Ozerova, Interview with Vladimir Lukin, Deputy Speaker of the State Duma (YABLOKO), Moskovsky Komsomolets, April 23, 2003

...I like to be in touch with the electorate that a politician should be close to and sense their mood and thoughts.

Analysts Warn Against Knee-Jerk Anti-Americanism
By Sarah Karush, The Associated Press, April 17, 2003

Moscow was right to oppose Washington over Iraq, but Russian leaders must be cautious not to fall into Soviet-style, knee-jerk anti-Americanism that might not always serve the country's interests, leading politicians and experts said Wednesday.

Russia May Ratify Arms Reduction Treaty in May
Rosbalt, April 16, 2003

The treaty will, above all, limit US forces, which are considerably stronger than Russia's, explained Lukin. He emphasized that Russia had insisted on a written form of the form, whereas the US intended to "confirm the agreement with a handshake."

Top Russian MPs advocate early ratification of the US arms reduction treaty
ITAR-TASS, April 8, 2003

There is no point in delaying ratification of the Strategic Offensive Reductions Treaty [SORT], also known as the Moscow Treaty between Russia and the United States, irrespective of developments in Iraq, according to prominent members of the State Duma, or the lower house of Russian parliament.

Russian experts on the situation around Iraq
Anchor - Vladimir Pozner, Channel One TV, "Vremena" programme, March 30, 2003

We need to think and must not become emotional. It is not Russia's war. We are not particularly interested in the regime in Iraq after the war. We should not be emotionally attached to Saddam Hussein's regime, unlike some of our friends on the Left.

Split Develops in Russian Policy towards Iraq Crisis
By Igor Torbakov, eurasianet.org, March 18, 2003
While most in Moscow believe that a war with Iraq will seriously damage Russian interests, a split is developing over how Russia should respond to the imminent outbreak of war. One side appears ready to continue opposition to US military action, while the other says that Russia ought to embrace a realpolitik approach, and cooperate with the inevitable.

Vladimir Lukin: the President will speed up ratification of the European Social Charter
MK-Novosti, March 15, 2003
"It is even good that things went this way," commented Vladimir Lukin (YABLOKO), deputy speaker of the lower chamber of the Russian parliament, in an interview with MK-Novosti, on the rejection by the State Duma at its plenary meeting on March 14, 2003, of the draft resolution, calling on the President to speed up ratification of the European Social Charter.

Russian politicians react to US ambassador's veiled threats over Iraq veto
Ekho Moskvi, March 12, 2003

But I still hope that the Americans will define their interests soberly, set emotions to one side and understand that in this particular situation postponing the operation is not a defeat but a major victory, which the whole world will greet with applause.

YABLOKO supported the nation-wide action of trade unions of budget-sector workers
Press Release, February 27, 2003

The Russian Democratic Party YABLOKO supported the nation-wide action of the trade unions of budget-sector workers against government plans to reform wages for budget workers.

Senior MP mulls Russian role in light of US-Europe standoff.
Interview with Deputy Speaker of the State Duma Vladimir Lukin (YABLOKO), Interfax, February 10, 2003

Russia today "can and must play the role coordinator for the Euro-Atlantic community, and Russian diplomacy should focus on putting forward ideas to help find a common position for continental Europe and America, without hurting one another's dignity," Lukin said in a Monday [10 February] interview with Interfax.

Russian parliament members warn of negative consequences for Russian economy in the event of war in Iraq
Interfax, January 10, 2003
Moscow, 10 January: State Duma Deputy Chairman Vladimir Lukin (the YABLOKO faction) and Communist leader Gennadi Zyuganov believe that a possible US attack on Iraq could have negative consequences for the Russian economy. Lukin said in an interview with Interfax that this military operation might have "negative, but temporary consequences" for the Russian economy. "Oil prices could sharply rise, but are then bound to fall again," he said. In any case, the oil price will stabilize at 22-28 dollars per barrel, which is acceptable to Russia, he said.

Work on draft laws in the State Duma

On the Separation of Powers between the Russian Federation and Subjects
of the Federation on the Issues of International Relations and Foreign Trade Activity

On the Draft Federal Law On the Coordination of International Relations and Foreign Trade Activity of Subjects of the Russian Federation

On Copyrights and Related Rights

On the State Policy of the Russian Federation in Relations with Compatriots Abroad.

"On Ratification of the Treaty between the Russian Federation and the United States of America on Further Reductions and Limitations in Strategic Offensive Weapons

Amendments to the draft budget for 1998:

87 mln roubles for the Voice of Russia
70 mln for participating in peacemaking activity
11 mln for implementation of interstate treaties within the framework of the CIS
87 mln for international relations

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