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Moskovsky Komsomolets, April 23, 2003

Vladimir Lukin: "We have to summon up our strength and win, as you do in a game of preference."

By Marina Ozerova

Interview with Vladimir Lukin, Deputy Speaker of the State Duma (YABLOKO)

It has been rumoured recently that YUKOS has serious problems. For example, people have been saying that Vladimir Petrovich Lukin, a deputy Duma Speaker, will no longer be among the top three names on Yabloko's electoral list. In this interview, Lukin comments on the forthcoming elections and the party's overall affairs.

Question: In your opinion, how will the forthcoming elections differ from the previous election campaigns?

Lukin: Frankly, I don't have any positive comments to say on this. The so-called administrative factor, which is synonymous for overt and overwhelming pressure, has been increasing literally right before our eyes. This factor is functioning at all levels, from top to bottom, and this complexity carries a certain democracy, as at time the federal administrative resource conflicts with the targets of the local administrative resource and the general impact proves ambiguous.

I expect the role of the financial factor and the constant pressure of the criminal structures to increase in future, especially in single-mandate electoral districts...

Question: Does Yabloko plan to form an electoral bloc with any of the political forces?

Lukin: It is, certainly, possible to form a bloc with different forces, but it is much better to summon up our strength and get on top of the situation, as you do in preference. We need to stir up Yabloko's electorate, which includes people with distinct personalities. They are not intelligent, which is not always good, as contemplative individuals also consider to vote or not. Sometimes, an individual decides not to vote. I have only one thing to say to these people: if you don't take part in the elections, you will also aid and abet manipulation, as the greater the turnout, the less the opportunities for manipulation.

Question: Will you run in the elections in a single-mandate electoral district or on the party list?

Lukin: In both versions. The chief problem here is whether the individual has the resources to fight on two fronts. I decided to run in the elections on the party list and on the single-mandate electoral district in Moscow region. I like to be in touch with the electorate that a politician should be close to and sense their mood and thoughts. Everybody, apart from Yavlinsky, decided to stand in single-mandate electoral districts as well. Even if you don't win in a single-mandate district, by actively participating in the election campaign, you can help raise the popularity of the party.

Question: There is a rumour that your name may disappear from the top three of Yabloko's party list. Is this true?

Lukin: This development is devoid any drama or tragedy. I cannot tell you the top three names on the party list: nobody can. A decision on the top three candidates will be adopted at the congress scheduled this autumn. Yabloko is a democratic party, no matter what they say, and we have never had a unanimous ballot, especially in private issues. Discussions are underway now, but nothing more. In my view, one's place on the party list is not a problem. If the party gets through, you enter the Duma from the 1st to 15th places inclusive. The only difference is that the top three must demonstrate the party's potential to the full. For instance, in the previous elections, I had proposed including Sergei Stepashin in Yabloko's top three candidates. If we now find two more people who agree to join us and will definitely contribute to an increase in the party's popularity, I will gladly take up any other position. At present, however, I see no such candidates...


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Moskovsky Komsomolets, April 23, 2003

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