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A picket in support of Suren Gazaryan held in Kazan

Press Release

November 27, 2012

On Saturday activists of the YABLOKO held a picket in support of YABLOKOs Suren Gazoryan facing several years of imprisonment for standing up against Governor Tkachyovs unlawful seizure of public lands in the Black Sea Coast.

About 15 people participated in the picket in Kazan. Nailya Biktimirova, representating of the Social-Ecological Union, said that this summer she met with Gazaryan in Moscow at the award ceremony of the Presidential Council for Civil Society Development and Human Rights. At that time Gazoryan was sentenced to three years of probation for graffiti and damaging of the fence around Governors cottage built on public land. However, a new case against Gazaryan may lead to his imprisonment, as accordikng to the investigators, YABLOKOs activist had allegedly threatened to kill the three guards of the so-called Putins Palace.

"I think any environmental activist may be imprisoned now, as the authorities have been trying to defend the territory they did not have any right to sale and develop, said Naila Biktimirova.

Alexander Titov, leader of the youth YABLOKO in the Republic of Tatarstan, organiser of the picket and future lawyer, believes the Gazaryans case is purely political: "From my point of view, this is abuse of law. If all environmentalists are sent to prison, than nothing will remain of nature any more"


Based on the article in Vechernyaya Kazan


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Press Release

November 27, 2012

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