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The authorities want to put YABLOKOs candidate to the Mayor of Krymsk into prison

Press Release

November 23, 2012

Yugeny Vitishko, a renowned environmentalist and civil rights activist, member of the Regional Council of the Krasnodar branch of YABLOKO and member of the North Caucasus Environmental Watch, is running for the post of head of the Krymsk District in South Russia (the district which suffered from a large flood this summer) from the YABLOKO party. The elections will be held on December 9.

This summer, Vitishko was sentenced due to fraudulent evidence to three years probation for the "damage to the fence" around the Governor Tkachyovs cottage. The lands under the cottage and the fensed beach nearby still registered as public are virtually in the Governors property. Now new charges are invented so that to withdraw a strong candidate from the election campaign. The authorities threaten to replace a suspended sentence by a real imprisonment using the condition of the suspended sentence which runs that Vitishko should be at the place of his residence from 12 pm to 6:00 am.

As Eugene Vitishko is registered in Tuapse, after registration as a candidate, he sent a notice to the criminal inspection about changing his place of residence to Krymsk where he should campaign. However, he did not have an answer from the inspection and had to leave for Krymsk and register as a resident there.

Despite that he did not violate the courts order in any way, the inspection of Tuapse sent him a notification yesterday running that he had to return to Tuapse or else he would be imprisoned.

"There is no doubt that it is another attempt to press on Vitishko. Thus the government is trying to derail the election campaign of an only opposition candidate in the elections, said Andrei Rudomakha, leader of the Krasnodar branch of YABLOKO.

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