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On reprisals against YABLOKO activists and dissenters in Russia

Urgency Resolution submitted by the YABLOKO party to the ALDE Congress

Dublin, November 9, 2012

ALDE Congress

Dublin, November 9, 2012


Urgency Resolution

Submitted by the YABLOKO party

On reprisals against YABLOKO activists and dissenters in Russia



- a new wave of reprisals in Russia against opposition activists and all dissenters against the present governments policies against the backdrop of the curb on human rights and freedoms; suppression of the freedom of speech; use of the law enforcement and the judiciary as a tool for reprisals;

- persecution against YABLOKO activists and candidates to the regional parliament Suren Gazaryan and Yenegy Vitishko, who have been charged with a criminal offence that could lead to their imprisonment for criticising Krasnodar Region Governor Alexander Tkachev for his unlawful seizure of public lands and their fight for human rights and environmental safety in the region


- On the ALDE groups to raise the issue in the European Parliament and the Council of Europe and draw the attention of the Russian government to the inadmissibility of persecutions for criticism, in violation of Russias obligations relating to its membership of the Council of Europe and in direct contrast with the statements of the Russian authorities on adherence to democratic values;

- On the Russian government to stop the reprisals against Gazaryan and Vitishko and revoke the unlawful court decisions against them and punish those guilty of giving false evidence and prosecutions.


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November 9, 2012

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