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Stop discrediting Russia!

Statement by YABLOKO President

November 22, 2012

The campaign of mobbing of renowned human rights organisations - the "Memorial", Transparency International, the Moscow Helsinki Group, the Foundation for Economic and Legal Development USRF and "For Human Rights" movement - unleashed by pro-Kremlin youth movements is unlawful and immoral.

Similar actions are taken in respect of the YABLOKO party. On November 19 a second rally by the pro-Putin organisation called "Social Justice" was held by the Krasnodar office of the YABOKO party. Vladimir Putins supporters try to make our party to "publicly apologize for the insulting leaflets against the elected President."

The government continues to use the Stalinist and Maoist methods against the organisations that are respected and renowned in the world and protect people from tyranny and corruption.

Persecution of these respected organizations shows the true attitude of the Kremlin to human rights, civil rights and liberties and to combating corruption.

We are ashamed for the cynical manipulators turning our country into a world laughing stock and disgrace.

Sergei Mitrokhin,
YABLOKO Chairman


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