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YABLOKO forwarded its proposals to the Strategic Initiatives Agency

Press Release
June 29, 2011

The YABLOKO party forwarded to the Russian Government its proposals and initiatives via the Strategic Initiatives Agency. The Strategic Initiatives Agency was created by the Russian Government in May 2011. It is targeted at support of socially important projects and initiatives.

The proposals are connected with the new strategy of Russian economic polices, local self-government reform and reduction of tariffs in the housing and utilities sector.

The drafts were submitted by Valery Goryachev, Executive Secretary of YABLOKO’s Bureau.
“We are going to use all the possibilities for implementation of our projects,” Goryachev said.

The web-site of the Agency holds votings on the projects.

YABLOKO’s proposals include:

- the Housing-Roads-Land strategy targeted at encouragement of domestic demand through gratuitous distribution of land for population under housing construction which will boost demand on manufacturing of construction materials, products of light industry, etc and create new jobs there; construction of roads and infrastructure;
- development of local-self-government in Moscow and St.Petersbrg which has been virtually missing in the cities; the project should create interaction between population and local self-government bodies (one of the stimuli will be vesting of proxies in the housing and utilities sector to local self-governments);
- monitoring over housing and utilities services as present tariffs are too high and economically unjustified, companies of the sector falsify over exaggerate their expenditures against real consumption, the project can help the authorities to monitor the expenditures via cooperation with public organisations and owners of flats;
- transparency of natural monopolies as unjustified growth of their tariffs creates excess burden on industry and also leads to boost of prices in the housing and utilities sector resulting in great social discontent; a federal law on transparency of natural monopolies proposed by YABLOKO should ensure state control over natural monopolies.


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Press Release
June 29, 2011

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