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Candidates supported by YABLOKO get mandates in the Astrakhan City Duma

Press Release

March 15, 2010

Two candidates Ц Anatoly Makarov and Olga Kurmanskaya Ц supported by the YABLOKO party got mandates in the Astrakhan City Duma. Both Makarov and Kurmanskaya led in the vote in their electoral districts getting 66.7 and 56.9 per cent of the votes, respectively.

Other YABLOKOТs candidates Ц Tatyana Semyonova, Igor Avdeyev and Oleg Alexeyev Ц obtained from 7 to 18 per cent of the votes failing to win the mandates.

УAll the participants of the electoral process mark the imitational character of the election to the city parliament. All the results of the voting have been falsified to a lesser of greater extent: for example, there were cases when about 30 per cent of the electorate at one of the electoral districts voted per-term and all for the same candidate,Ф noted Vadim Monin, leader of the Astrakhan branch of YABLOKO.

Candidates from the YABLOKO party Tatyana Semyonova and Sergei Gevorkyan plan to apply to court demanding to recognise the elections void in view of multiple violations of election laws.

According to Monin, YABLOKO demonstrated high results at the elections to the Astrakhan City Duma even despite of the fraud, which raises the forecast for YABLOKO at the coming elections to the regional parliament that will take place in 2011.

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